An Interview with Artsy Founder and CEO, Carter Cleveland

Cedar Pasori
May 12, 2013 4:56PM

I'm really happy that I got to interview Artsy's founder and CEO, Carter Cleveland, for the March 2013 issue of Dazed and Confused. I discovered the platform through Twitter without even knowing what Artsy was or would be at the time (it hadn't launched yet), and watching it grow and positively affect the art world from the outside has been a real joy.

In our conversation, space travel, the beginnings of Artsy, and Steve Jobs come up, among other insights into Carter's upbringing and goals for Artsy. One of my favorite parts of the interview is when Carter says,

"We want art to be as ubiquitous and a part of our culture as music is today. Music also used to be something that was only for a select few in society. With the record player, the radio, the internet – once everybody has access to it, it’s no longer a big deal. All that matters is the music itself, your enjoyment of it, and talking about it with your friends. I see art becoming the same way. It won’t be about who’s who or any other superficial stuff that has a lot of people feeling unwelcome."

Read the interview here.

Cedar Pasori