An Interview with Photographer Jill Greenberg about her new Rizzoli book, "Horses"

Cedar Pasori
Oct 25, 2012 6:04PM

Jill Greenberg's photography has been copied, criticized, celebrated, and adored for being ingeniously controversial and painfully honest. She's photographed everything from magazine covers and billboards to crying children and monkeys. However, if you pay close attention, her work is layered with meaning beyond the surface of anything she does commercially.

Her photographing of animals (pigs, monkeys, cats, dogs, and bears) continues in her latest book, Horses, which came out October 2, through Rizzoli. Featuring an introduction by A.M. Homes and an essay by Greenberg, the book is a closer look at the history and symbolism of horses in ways that deserve your undivided attention.

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Cedar Pasori