Top Belgium Collector Cédric Liénart Shares His Must-See Works at Art Brussels

In this selection, some artists were familiar to me while other ones were unknown. It’s also a mix between conceptual, figurative, and abstract works. These are eclectic choices, but that corresponds quite well to my sensibility. My bottom line is emotion.

My Selection:

, Emptiness replaces my soul, 2014, at Albert Baronian

This work has a strong personality; it is like its own strange and complex world.

Lucas Blalock
Ducks, 2014
Galerie Rodolphe Janssen
Blalock is a great “painter”—he uses photography as his brush and pigments. This piece is surprising, innovative, destabilizing, and really strong.

, Intimation, 2014, at Axel Vervoordt Gallery

Anatsui is a generous artist whose works are varied and contrasted in their compositions. He creates a lot of sensualism, movement, and energy with the recycling of small waste. A marvel!

, Untitled 2015, at Meessen De Clercq

Time hides a part of reality, as does twilight. In this piece, Samyn has partially polished an antique bronze mirror, giving us a new and contemporary vision of an old work while still paying it respect.

, Senza titolo, 2015, at Meessen De Clercq

Here, presence is revealed by absence. Parmiggiani’s work, in which the smoke prints only negative traces of what exists, is magnificent in its concept and its realization.

Strong and fragile, this impressive work shows a lot of sensibility.

, Crossection, 2014, at GRIMM

This piece shows the coexistence of multiple worlds and rigorous organization. It is a rich, creative, and structured work—well-balanced and imaginative.

, Untitled, 2012, at Galerie Greta Meert

This work has a great sensibility and a real air of mystery. It emits subtle but strong vibrations.

, Portrait (Cosmic Baroque), 2015, at Eleven Rivington

This work is full of energy. It is visually well-balanced.

, Hellion Flood , 2015, at Brand New Gallery

I like Varadi’s use of process painting. The paintings he makes often reveal the canvas, which is not only the support of the work but plays a major role in the final result.