Ch.ACO and Vitacura Organize Arts Month in Santiago, Chile

There’s a month in Chile’s capital city in which both locals and visitors are unable to remain indifferent to contemporary art. This month is October. This year, for the first time, comes the launch of a cultural initiative that seeks to celebrate visual arts for 31 consecutive days in public spaces, as well as in restaurants, stores, and other businesses throughout the city.

The municipality of Vitacura, a neighborhood acknowledged by both Chileans and passing foreigners as the best place to live or stay in Santiago, shall work alongside Ch.ACO —an institution that focuses on the development and internationalization of the visual arts industry in Chile— on this project, which shall take place in a geographical district that has several excellent attributes to offer: 1,000 hectares of green areas in a 28,3 sq. km territory, cutting-edge architecture, luxurious restaurants and businesses, art galleries, headquarters of international and diplomatic agencies, and collective guidelines for living that are inspired in sustainability and energy conservation. This is an initiative that will have a touristic, economic, and cultural impact on the entire city.

This participatory project shall bring together different agents within the neighborhood, inviting them to generate their own contemporary art project: interventions in the window displays of design stores; pieces by artists that are represented by the area’s art galleries; conversations about the impact that public art can have over a city and its inhabitants; exhibitions; ephemeral interventions; patrimonial tours; and workshops for children, families, and senior citizens. Everyone is invited to this great celebration of art, which shall have its most international proposals on display at the ninth edition of the Ch.ACO Fair (October 11th-15th, 2017). Cultural tourism is of indispensable value to a capital city, and each day, Santiago increasingly reveals itself as an attractive destination for travelers who come to explore Chile’s extraordinary nature, or for those are simply here on business and decide that staying a little longer is definitely worth it.

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