Ch.ACO 10 Años: The Celebration of the Arts Arrives to the Entire City

Nov 13, 2018 10:38PM

Image courtesy of Ch.ACO

Ch.ACO, Chile Arte Contemporáneo, is an institution dedicated to the development and internationalization of the visual arts industry in Chile and Latin America. By promoting the practice of art collecting as a driving force for the growth of Chilean cultural patrimony, it contributes to the creation of the contemporary art market and promotes cultural tourism in Chile. This year, Ch.ACO is celebrating its tenth anniversary during the entire month of November through different public art initiatives that will bring art to key areas within the city. Ch.ACO Fair, the instance that culminates the month dedicated to these artistic interventions, is set to take place from November 22nd through the 26th in Parque Arboleda Lo Curro.

Second version of Ch.ACO on the Street

To celebrate and promote visual arts in Santiago. This is one of the objectives behind this initiative, which will be celebrating its second version in 2018. This year, together with Corporacion Cultural de Vitacura, we will once more put the neighborhood’s different cultural and commercial agents into action, with the purpose of developing a broad cultural program during all of November. Ch.ACO on the Street activates different spaces within Vitacura: public and private cultural institutions, stores, galleries, and restaurants, with the objective of working collectively for the project’s development, whose main axis will be Parque Bicentenario, as well as Alonso de Córdova and Nueva Costanera streets. By working and coordinating with commercial spaces, artists, art galleries, art collectors, and the general public, this program allows for each one of the participants to develop their own contemporary art project, becoming part of an artistic and social calendar. In addition to this, several lectures and conversation programs will be held during this month, as well as workshops for children adults, in order to connect the community with the Chilean and international artistic scene.


Curated by Matías Allende and Carolina Castro (curators of Ch.ACO’s Planta section)

November 20th through the 26th

Opens: November 20th

Hermandad is an exhibition that follows the main principles of “Planta” as a project within the Fair: to present the work of a series of independently run and experimental spaces, both in regards to their working procedures as well as the way in which they subsist. What these projects, originating from Mexico to Cape Horn, all have in common is, on one hand, that all of them present a discourse about the importance of lending visibility to Latin American art, so as to not continue being an alternate circuit to Central European contemporary art channels. On the other hand, they are projects that support emerging artists with extremely experimental pieces in their contexts, rescuing diverse references from history and popular culture, without submitting to canonical theories about Chilean or Latin American art.

In light of these premises, Hermandad is an exhibition that will work with pieces that not only present the variety of expressions that can take place in Latin America, but also pieces that appeal to collaboration and brotherhood. We aren’t necessarily Juan Caloca Claudia Cortinez Maruki Nowacki referring to collaborative art, but rather, to the way in which artists and the spaces in which they work and develop themselves vouch for a radical friendship technology, thus shying away from gratuitous and exploitative work and opting to break work logic and thinking about working networks. This collaboration subsists a form of subsistence politics, which breaks apart the local ghettoes that existed largely during the 20th century: artists’ collectives, scenes, and generations. The richness and importance lies in our differences, and brotherhood should be all-inclusive.

The 10 spaces that have been selected for the third version of Planta and the tenth edition of Ch.ACO will be joined by spaces that have participated before, and that continue to regard our context as a good showcase through which to present themselves to the continent. These are KM0.2 from San Juan, Puerto Rico; UV from Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Sindicato, from the Dominican Republic. In addition to these, two more Argentinean spaces will also join this exhibition, since we cannot leave out related projects whose visit has been truncated by vicissitudes of economy and politics. These are La Imagen, from Mendoza, andMundo Dios from Mar del Plata, spaces that lie outside the capital and that work as places for exhibition and reflection.

Hecho por Chile (HxCL)

Curated by GT2P

November 6th through the 27th

Opens: November 14th

Hecho por Chile (HxCL) is an initiative led by the Chilean studio gt2P, which brings together a group of Chilean designers with internationally recognized works of art, which will be exhibited in the Steel Showroom. This proposal consists of integrating traditional knowledge with our Chilean productive and creative cultural patrimony into the global contemporary world through design.

Festín de Arte

Isabel Croxatto Gallery and Bidasoa

November 17th through the 29th

Opens: Saturday, November 17th at noon

Under the concept of “sustainability”, understood as a collaboration system that stays productive and in balance with its surrounding’s resources over the passage of time. The exhibition, curated by Isabel Croxatto and HugoGrisanti, proposes a dialogue that integrates art, design, architecture and healthy eating.

Closing Conversation with the artists and special guests: Thursday, November 29th