My Highlights from The Salon: Art + Design

Charles E. Pavarini III
Nov 6, 2013 10:10PM

I chose items that I felt had decorative significance and also items that a young collector would consider for his or her own collections. Many of the pieces I selected are a good start for an aspiring collector.

I am drawn to the fine work of Ruhlmann and often find myself gravitating towards his work because of its impeccable balance of form and materials. The ink on paper by Franz Kline could enhance an interior saturated with color or even a monochromatic one. It is very bold and striking. The bookshelf table by Pierre Chareau pushes the parameters of our concept of functionality to become more sculptural. As a whole, my selections were made because of the decorative quality of the pieces and how they can bring substance and life to an interior. They unexpectedly ‘touch’ the emotion of the viewer, which is the basis of the decorative arts.

My selection:

Franz KlineUntitled, circa 1952, at James Goodman Gallery

Eva HildLow Complex, 2005, at Mark McDonald

David Wiseman“Collage” Side Table, 2013, at R 20th Century Gallery

"Collage" side table, 2013
R & Company

Bruno RomanelliSingle-Handed Vase, 2013, at Adrian Sassoon

Anonymous ItalianPair of Wall Lights, circa 1960, at Bernd Goeckler Antiques

AnonymousMonumental Wall Lamps, 1950s, at Modernity

Monumental wall lamps, 1950's

Jacques-Emile RuhlmannDaybed, circa 1925, at Vallois SAS

Daybed, ca. 1925
Vallois SAS

Jean DunandVase, circa 1915, at Vallois SAS

Philip and Kelvin LaverneExcursion Coffee Table, 1969, at Cristina Grajales Gallery

Pierre ChareauBookshelf Table, circa 1928, at Vallois SAS

My number one tip for a new design collector:

Start with a piece that you LOVE. When you love a piece of art, you will want to explore why it is that you are gravitated toward it. In this exploration, you will find yourself collecting more pieces of the same genre.

Design to watch in 2014:

The emergence of pieces from the 1970s and 1980s.

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Charles E. Pavarini III