CHART Art Fair
Aug 14, 2018 9:30PM

Running alongside the main fair is CHART SOCIAL, a program of cultural events exploring the crossover between art, design, architecture, music, performance, and gastronomy. CHART SOCIAL, which is free and open to the public, will take place at Kunsthal Charlottenborg and various other locations around the city leading up to and during the fair. The CHART SOCIAL program is generously supported by The Municipality of Copenhagen.  




Is culture something you own or something you share? Can art have both money and morals? Is art a speculative act, and what does this means in a world where ideas of empirical truth have become ever-more slippery?  

In a series of talks on 1 and 2 September, CHART Talks will discuss issues of access and ownership in the spheres of contemporary art and design in the Royal Academy’s Kuppelsalen at Charlottenborg. The talks are programmed by ArtReview and moderated by Mark Rappolt, Editor, ArtReview, and Oliver Basciano, International Editor, ArtReview, and Justin McQuirk, Chief Curator, Design Museum, London.  

For more information on CHART Talks, please visit the official CHART SOCIAL page here.


For more information on the CHART COURTYARD PROGRAMME, please visit the official CHART SOCIAL page here.  


The CHART Architecture competition, a key element of CHART SOCIAL, is a platform for young Nordic architects to explore and challenge the crossover between art, design and architecture. Five finalists selected by this year’s judges will design pavilions to house gastronomy partners and SPACE10 in the courtyard at Kunsthal Charlottenborg during CHART.  

The concept in 2018 is OPEN-SOURCE and challenges participants to unfold the potential of open-source content through modular design and cross collaborations, creating a platform for aesthetic experimentation and reusable design.  

The judges for CHART Architecture 2018 are:  

BJARKE INGELS, Architect & Founder of BIG Bjarke Ingels Group  BEATRICE GALILEE, Curator of Architecture & Design, The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art  BENANDSEBASTIAN (Ben Clement & Sebastian De La Cour), Artist-duo  SIMON FROMMENWILER, Architect and Co-Founder of HHF Architects  THOMAS LOMMEÉ, Founder and Partner of OpenStructure and Infrastructure  SUSANNE OTTESEN, Owner of Galleri Susanne Ottesen and Co-Founder of CHART  

The winners of the CHART Architecture 2018 competition are:  


Architect students Malte Harrig and Vitus Karsten Bjerre and art-photography student Katrine Hoff has collaborated on the FRAME pavilion, which is inspired by art transport and can be packed flat.  


The architect students Dennis Andersson, Mikkel Møller Roesdahl and Xan Browne creates the OPEN RESOURCE pavilion with the desire to convey the aesthetic potential of recycled plastics. The Pavilion will host CHART’s primary cocktail bar in collaboration with Belvedere Vodka.  


Art student Sofia Luna Steenholdt, architect student Joachim Makholm Michelsen and architects Emil Bruun Meyer and Casper Phillip Ebbesen are collaborating to create The Many Chairs Pavillion by using residual materials from CNC produced open source chairs: 72 chairs, one pavilion, zero-waste. La Fabrica will be in The Many Chairs Pavillion.  


Architect student Jan Sienkiewicz and textile design student Uta Sienkiewicz makes use of traditional craftsmanship scaled to a knitted pavilion where Rouge Oysters will be found.  

CLOUD 9.0  

Architect Sean Lyon is behind Cloud 9.0, which is a physical manifestation of the “Open Source” concept and combines the idea of infinite knowledge in a strict physical form. The Pavilion illustrates the Internet’s infinite knowledge bank through the “cloud”. The Pavilion is further developed in collaboration with SPACE10.  

The five pavilions will be shown during CHART from 31st of August to 2nd of September, and a special award for best pavilion will be awarded on September 1, 2018.  

For more information on the CHART Architecture Competition, please visit the official CHART SOCIAL page here.


For the second year, Helga Christoffersen, Associate Curator at the New Museum, New York, will curate a group exhibition comprising the works of artists who, having completed their formal education, have recently put forth a distinct position within the larger artistic landscape. CHART Emerging is a platform dedicated to supporting the new generation of artists in the Nordic region at a moment of budding artistic development. The exhibition will be presented at Festsalen at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.  

For more information on CHART EMERGING, please visit the official CHART SOCIAL page here.  



In 2018 CHART SPECIAL ART PROJECTS includes Connexions by Alice Anderson, CHART x Designmuseum Denmark presenting the work ‘Sinus’ by Pearla Pigao, CHART x KØS inviting visitors on the audio walk ‘Remote Copenhagen’ by german multimedia collective Rimini Protokoll and CHART X THE ROYAL DANISH THEATRE / CORPUS presenting ‘Ghosting’, a performative dance piece.  


Exhibiting for the first time in the Nordic region, British-French artist Alice Anderson will create an immersive site-specific installation for the central room at Den Frie. Anderson questions our relationship to physical objects in an increasingly digital world, by ritually encapsulating items in coloured wire, creating what she refers to as ‘memorised objects’.  


Investigating how music and sound can be materialized through textiles woven with metal threads, Norwegian artist Pearla Pigao’s work ‘Sinus’ will be exhibited at Designmuseum Denmark during CHART. Inspired by the theremin, Pigao’s textile becomes an instrument that can be played without being touched. As viewers interact with the textiles, they become co-creators of the sound composition that sings directly from the work.  


German multimedia collective Rimini Protokoll (Stefan Kaegi / Jörg Karrenbauer) invite participants to experience their new, site-specific work, ‘Remote Copenhagen’, an interactive collective audio walk that will  journey through various transitory  sites in Copenhagen. The walk will draw attention to station areas as sites of conflicts and negotiations, to their architectural features, and to the many passengers, employees and local residents that come into contact at such sites. ‘Remote Copenhagen’ is co-presented by CHART and commissioned by KØS Museum of Art in Public Spaces, and part of KØS’ exhibition TRANSIT, which opens on 13 September 2018. A daily audio walk will be held on the Friday and Saturday of CHART, starting at Vestre Kirkegård, Nordre Kapel, 2450 Copenhagen.  

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During the weekend of CHART, visitors can be part of the creative process of ‘Ghosting’, a performative dance piece developed by Japanese artist Masaru Iwai, German choreographer Sebastian Matthias and Swedish composer Ida Ludén, and the dancers of the Royal Danish Theatre’s experimental dance company Corpus.  

The audience will be part of an exploration of how the ubiquity of smartphone devices and social media have forever changed the way we communicate. ‘Ghosting’ is a co-production by CHART and Corpus, and will be presented at A-salen in The Royal Danish Theatre.  


For more information on CHART SPECIAL ART PROJECTS, please visit the official CHART SOCIAL page here.

CHART Art Fair