Mar 27, 2014 4:27PM

Michael Eastman’s photographs reveal ghostly presences haunting each space. In his work, remnants of past lives are on view, from a worn-out couch to a forlorn Cuban salon. In an interview with Ragazine, Eastman explains,  “I feel successful when my interiors feel like someone has just left the space or is about to enter.  Almost like a stage set.”  

With his focus on interiors and form, it is no wonder that art dealer Barry Friedman took an interest to representing the photographer. This month, Christie’s is honored to present a sale of Friedman’s collection, coinciding with the retirement of the dealer, and the closure of his namesake gallery. The sale, entitled Barry Friedman: An Eclectic Eye, includes work from Michael Eastman, along with four hundred diverse lots ranging from decorative to contemporary art.

In the video to the right, Friedman tells us why he collects, and what has lured him to find such unique pieces over the years.

Barry Friedman: An Eclectic Eye takes place in four auctions from 25 March – 27 March, 2014 at Christie’s New York.

(Video courtesy of Christie’s.)