Our Take on Tate the Great

Apr 30, 2013 5:54PM

The Tate Modern's exhibition "Lichtenstein: A Retrospective" convenes for the first time ever, 20 years of work by the iconic artist known for witty take-offs and canvases of "cool." To celebrate the Pop gathering, Sara Friedlander, of Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Art Department offered a personal take on the clever crowd-pleaser.

What does it mean to have a British showing of this American?

SF: The language of Pop is completely universal.

What would your salon wall of Lichtensteins look like?

SF: It would contain all references to “art about art” including his homages to Picasso, Cezanne, Japanese woodblocks, '50s comic books, Cubism…

If ones loves Lichtenstein, who else should one look at?

SF: Christian Marclay’s prints, Rosalyn Drexler, Idelle Weber, Patrick Caufield

Who is working today in a similar style if anyone?

SF: Alex Israel. Richard Pettibone. Tom Sachs.