Rosemarie Trockel Takes Over Cahiers d’Art

Apr 4, 2014 4:11PM

The minute something works, it ceases to be interesting. As soon as you have spelled something out, you should set it aside.”                                                                              ––Rosemarie Trockel, interview with Isabelle Graw, Artforum (2003).

The artist Rosemarie Trockel distinguishes herself from her contemporaries via her use of and engagement with unexpected materials. As Kathy Noble at Frieze writes, “Trockel’s diverse oeuvre does actively resist any overarching definition; a new phase of creation is often a reaction to a previous phase and could become collage, sculpture, drawing, painting, video or text.”

The German artist’s work is now on view at the Cahiers d’Art gallery in Paris until May 17, 2014. This exhibition will highlight Trockel’s unconventional use of materials, and will exhibit the artist’s ceramic-like and crystal combinations along with prints and collages. This breadth of material illustrates that, as the exhibition website states, “Trockel’s combination of materials as disparate as casts of meat, digital prints and crystal dislodge the materials from their usual meanings.” Along with the exhibition, the publication Cahiers d’Art will also feature Trockel’s piece, Clock Owner, 2013, in the second issue of their relaunched art revue.

On April 8, Christie’s is featuring a work by Trockel in our Post-War and Contemporary Art Sale in Amsterdam. See the work in person from April 3-7 at Christie’s saleroom on Cornelis Schuytstraat 57.


Images: Installation of Rosemarie Trockel's exhibition at Galerie Cahiers D'Art in 14-15 Rue du Dragon, Paris. Exhibition on view from March 28 – May 17, 2014.

Images courtesy of Cahiers d’Art.