Warhol Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Kate!

Jan 15, 2014 7:01PM

Supermodel Kate Moss has taken the fashion world by storm ever since she was photographed in her teens. Deemed “the greatest fashion icon of our time”, Moss has long been the subject of homages by artists and photographers. Arguably, Kate is the ultimate contemporary muse.

In her storied career, the icon has been the face of many brands, and has lately received official recognition at the 2013 British Fashion Awards. One might even argue that her beauty, talent and popularity make her a comparable icon to Marilyn Monroe. (Banksy would agree.)

A 2007 exhibit entitled Banksy vs. Warhol displayed one of Warhol’s classic screen prints of Monroe directly next to a modern day version created by Banksy, but with Moss’s face as the subject. Although the exhibit might have been controversial, it was a fitting homage to the wonderful Warhol. We can only assume that Andy would have been inspired by Moss, who turns 40 today. Happy Birthday, Kate!  

(Photo courtesy of www.christies.com)