Happy Holidays!

Christine Kuan
Dec 18, 2012 3:54AM

Dear Friends,

Since July, I have had the pleasure of working with John Elderfield and extraordinary colleagues at 75+ museums and art institutions to promote collections and exhibitions via Art.sy. We now provide free public access to one of the largest collections of contemporary art online, and we are rapidly growing our coverage of all cultures and time periods through partnerships with leading nonprofit organizations. 

As Neil MacGregor, Director of The British Museum, wrote, "The obligation on those of us who hold art in trust for the public is to try to allow our public access to different truths about our pictures—about their pictures—to allow the artists to speak in as many different ways and reach as many different audiences as possible." 

Since we launched in October, Art.sy has reached audiences in 189+ countries with 50+ million artwork views, and with The Art Genome Project and our new social layer, experts and non-experts alike are able to engage with art online like never before.

On Carter Cleveland's monitor is a note: Art+Science. Art.sy epitomizes the marriage of art and science, and also the exciting convergence of education, design, commerce, scholarship, and the public. To our partners and soon-to-be partners, thank you for so generously collaborating with us to explore the potential of the Internet to transform access to art. We look forward to promoting your institutions in the New Year!

Wishing you a joyous 2013! 


Christine Kuan