My Highlights from Design Miami/ 2014

Christy MacLear
Nov 25, 2014 1:44AM

I only chose pieces I loved and would live with—there was no driving theme. One can see however, when you look at the aggregate, I combine a love for strict modern (Prouvé, Jeanneret, Perriand) with organic (Nakashima, Hicks, ceramics). It’s why my friend Richard Wright once called me “the accidental modernist”!

My Selection:

These are new to me. Part George Ohr (other crushed examples), part Oriental ceramics, part painting … I need to go check these out and spend some time learning about Adam Silverman’s work.

No words needed for how terrific this is …. I have always loved Prouvé jib arm lamps and Mouille swing arm sconces—this is a more feminine form than those well known examples.

Sheila HicksPrayer Rug, 1969, at Demisch Danant

This piece speaks to either my 1970s comfort zone or to my Danish upbringing. I do believe that Sheila Hicks has refreshed our global view of textiles as an art form as well as how they integrate into our design environments. This is beautiful ….

Hechizoo TextilesNylon and Bronze Area Rug, 2014, at Cristina Grajales Gallery

This picture hardly does justice for these textiles. The handwoven rugs use wool, silks, and metals to create an elegant floor, which (when illuminated properly) shimmers like candlelight. It’s a special piece for one room … pared down yet elevated because of this shimmery feature.  

Jean Prouvé“Cité” bed, 1932, at Galerie Patrick Seguin

Prouvé is so important—it’s a part of our design canon. Architect, designer, functional thinker for the masses, now elevated to subtle (but somehow loud) museum-worthy pieces. This day bed is perfect.  You could put it in a room alone with one piece of art and the room needs nothing else.

RO/LUThe Sex of Art As A Narrative (Light After RR Air), 2014, at Volume Gallery

This light has a special resonance to me. It’s based on the drying lights which Robert Rauschenberg designed for his his studio in Captiva. Matt Olson of ROLU was a part of our Rauschenberg Residency in Captiva and created this much improved and inspired overhead light. It is the best combination of industrial and artistic—perfect to cantilever over a sofa or over an office desk. I’m a little obsessed with this one ….

George NakashimaSpecial Order Console, 1973, at Johnson Trading Gallery

Coming to love Nakashima has taken me some time … but to have the right piece, in the right place, in your home adds so much dimension—like inviting nature inside. I bought a library table, similar to this, which is surrounded by Jeanneret chairs and together they offset each other perfectly.

Louisa Guinness Gallery

Well, its hard to choose among these Calder jewelry pieces. All Calder pieces are breathtaking. This one is modern, simple and so elegant—everyday.

Galerie Downtown - François Laffanour

I can never blindly walk by Perriand shelves.  They are nearly sculpture.   One's greatest challenge is the critical evaluation of what is worthy enough to be framed by the shelves.

Pierre PaulinPair of Élysée Chairs, 1971, at Demisch Danant

These Paulin chairs are classics! If you see them you should snap them up … they are able to go anywhere and have the added and ultimate value of being so comfortable. Anyone who goes into the Demisch Danant booth will go in, sit here and may not leave ….

Christy MacLear