Featured Artist Press Release: James Edward Scherbarth

CIRCA Gallery
Feb 22, 2019 10:08PM

Minneapolis, MN. -- Beginning Saturday, February 23, 2019, CIRCA proudly highlights local artist James Edward Scherbarth through a solo feature of recent work on Artsy.net. Scherbarth’s current oil and cold wax paintings dive into a nature-based spirituality through abstracted landscape themes and stone forms. Based on a Celtic belief in animism, this work has emerged from a relationship with nature in which there is a sacredness in everything that resonates with those who listen and observe.

Scherbarth’s creative process utilizes a “complex simplicity” evident in his highly nuanced technique for texture and composition. He brings a refined, refreshing approach to the cold wax medium through his deliberate and precise use of texture and color. James Edward Scherbarth is an award-winning artist and international instructor of oil and cold wax painting, based in Minneapolis, MN.

James Edward Scherbarth
Inner Sanctum
CIRCA Gallery

CIRCA partnered with Artsy as a preferred gallery in August of 2018, concurrent with the last month in their North Loop, Minneapolis location. While CIRCA continues the search for a space to house the next evolution of the gallery – the fourth location in the gallery’s nearly 30-year history – an expanded online presence with the inclusion of digital exhibitions continues to bring abstract contemporary artwork to an ever-expanding audience.

For nearly 30 years, locally owned CIRCA Gallery has offered collectors the finest work by emerging to established local and national contemporary artists.


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