multiplicity Press Release

CIRCA Gallery
Nov 9, 2018 5:21PM

Minneapolis, MN. -- On Saturday, November 10, 2018, CIRCA presents multiplicity, an exhibition that gathers nine artists’ unique approach to depicting their relationship with nature. With works that capture the essence of nature’s four elements, multiplicity seeks to connect with ethos in the midst of the unpredictability of the natural world.

James Edward Scherbarth
Ancient Way II, ca. 2017
CIRCA Gallery

multiplicity explores these uncertainties, allowing the viewer to engage with both the beauty of nature as well as its destructive power. For Jeff Leonard (Brooklyn, NY), nature is a place of growth, hope, and joy- as seen in the bright and bold colors of the flora-like forms in his work RFG63. Other artists, such as James Edward Scherbarth (Minneapolis, MN), approach nature as a deeply contemplative place; the deep earthy tones and organic textures in his diptych Ancient Way seep down into the ground of the painting, guiding the viewer into its unknown depths and leaving them to wonder, what is it that we stand upon? With a similar state of mind, the organic forms of Laura Stack’s (Minneapolis, MN) Fluere #24 echo that of deliquescing icebergs, while Michael Hoffman’s (Saint Louis, MO) work Catalonia Sol invokes a fiery sensation that is embedded into the viewers’ vision. multiplicity acknowledges the moments of peace, rest, and suspension the artists encounter in nature, while not overlooking the unpredictability of the natural world. This is especially palpable in Ann Ledy’s (New York, NY) work Absence; its bright white hue and circular shape leaves the viewer with a curious sense of peace on which to linger.

Michael Hoffman
Catalonia Sol, 2018
CIRCA Gallery
Lisa Pressman
Seeking Solace, 2017
CIRCA Gallery

CIRCA partnered with Artsy as a preferred gallery in August of 2018, concurrent with the last month in their North Loop, Minneapolis location. While CIRCA continues the search for a space to house the next evolution of the gallery – the fourth location in the gallery’s nearly 30-year history – an expanded online presence with the inclusion of digital exhibitions continues to bring abstract contemporary artwork to an ever-expanding audience.

For nearly 30 years, locally owned CIRCA Gallery has offered collectors the finest work by emerging and established local and national contemporary artists.

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