CIRCA Gallery
Dec 22, 2018 4:41AM

Minneapolis, MN. -- On Saturday, December 22, 2018, CIRCA presents SPATIAL STILLNESS, an online exhibition examining the interconnectedness of silence and art. Though no one would expect these paintings or sculptures to move or create an auditory experience of their own volition, this survey of visual serenity captures the numerous ways in which other experiences of the senses can be communicated visually, and perhaps more importantly, in the abstract.

In SPATIAL STILLNESS, CIRCA artists explore this concept visually through repetitions of form, mark, and color, as well as a series of reductions to subject and content. Compositions from Margaret Fitzgerald (Albuquerque, NM), Barbara Kreft (Minneapolis, MN) and James Edward Scherbarth (Minneapolis, MN) embrace vessel-like forms that embody the gravitational pull of silence. Each artist—in their unique, meditative approach—dives into the conceptual silent spaces in the midst of transitions: in nature, color, and ourselves. Devra Freelander, a Brooklyn-based sculptor and the newest addition to CIRCA’s cohort of artists, creates ultrafluorescent resin forms with subtle shifts in color that synthesize silent atmospheric experiences, such as standing at the base of a mountain or watching a sunset, into corporeal, somatic forms.

Devra Freelander
Fluorescent Fragment 12, 2018
CIRCA Gallery

CIRCA partnered with Artsy as a preferred gallery in August of 2018, concurrent with the last month in their North Loop, Minneapolis location. While CIRCA continues the search for a space to house the next evolution of the gallery – the fourth location in the gallery’s nearly 30-year history – an expanded online presence with the inclusion of digital exhibitions continues to bring abstract contemporary artwork to an ever-expanding audience.

For nearly 30 years, locally owned CIRCA Gallery has offered collectors the finest work by emerging and established local and national contemporary artists.


CIRCA Gallery