Tommaso Ottieri's Luminous Cityscapes on View at CK Contemporary

CK Contemporary
Oct 28, 2016 6:55PM

"I always paint the city as women I adore, to place them standing in front of a majestic sky and at the sight of a world which sets but always shines" —Tommaso Ottieri 

Through his gestural and textured brushwork, Tommaso Ottieri beautifully captures luminous urban landscapes as well as the interiors of old European theaters and churches. "Epiphany"—CK Contemporary’s first solo exhibition of Ottieri’s paintings—will highlight what the artist has considered his main objective since he began painting as a young boy: to lift the veil and reveal a view of the world around us, infused with the majestic beauty we so easily ignore. To Ottieri, our vision is obscured by our expectations, and his paintings allow us to rediscover the magic of our surroundings through his exploration of the color, light, and movement found in the intense life of a city as it falls into the dark. 

Ottieri has enjoyed international success as an artist, exhibiting in over twenty solo exhibitions and nearly forty group exhibitions in cities all over the world.

CK Contemporary