Visual References, Can You Guess Them All?

Artsy Editors
Dec 13, 2012 9:18PM

This jam-packed scene is art historical eye-candy for the men within the canvas and the viewers looking in. The question is, can you guess them all? Here are a few of my favorites, just in case you haven't guessed them all already. 

Titian's Venus of Urbino. Not only is this one of my favorite works by Titian, but she also appears to be impressing the men as well. She is the pinacle of the female nude as well as the ultimate Renaissance minx. 

Raphael's Madonna on the Meadow is a subtle and artfully painted example of the High Renaissance. The Duke of Tuscany kept several Raphael paintings in the Tribuna to show the lineage between Greco-Roman sculpture and the Italian Renaissance. 

Of course, it is not hard to fall in love with the Persian rugs and Egyptian statues, but I cannot reveal the identity of each work, or else it would hardly be a challenge to guess.

Artsy Editors