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Claudia Arbulu Gallery
Nov 14, 2018 3:00PM

The work of the prestigious artist Ana DMatos, latest addition to Claudia Arbulu Gallery.

Palimpsesto, by Ana DMatos is a series composed of 9 works of 86 x 61cm each, made with the collage technique on paper, and which could be seen at the ESTAMPA 2018 fair at the stand of the Claudia Arbulu Gallery.

These works are the result of the fascination between the poet Biel Mesquida and the visual artist Ana DMatos, partner of MAV. In 2016 Biel Mesquida will write three poems for the Paradisaeidae Series, which Ana DMatos was going to exhibit at the Granollers Museum.

The intensity and beauty of his poetry caused that DMatos created a new series so that he could intervene it. Thus, in a carefree and completely free way, he invites the poet to write with his pen on the 9 drawings, regardless of whether the words fall on the bodies or the white voids. Biel forms lines, traverses the bodies with the poems and even changes the layout of the plane. After DMatos redraws and ends, leaving visible the traces of the process. This way of understanding the drawing makes bodies, wings, legs, hands, fragments of women or birds, drawn or cut out are part of the verses, and the words transcend the meaning of the signs.

The Palimpsesto and Paradisaeidae Series were grouped under the title Formas de paraíso, erotic and mythological series seen from the feminist point of view.

Claudia Arbulu Gallery