Our Highlights from Art Los Angeles Contemporary

Cliff & Mandy Einstein
Jan 22, 2014 11:17PM

Our selection:

Despina Stokou, Ruin Art (red), 2013, at Derek Eller Gallery

Despina Stokou, born in Greece, living in Berlin, brings a powerful haunting feel to her large scale work. This is a commanding painting that makes a confident, mature statement. She’s the real deal and a great find. 

Ruby Neri, Boy, 2012, at David Kordansky Gallery

Ruby Neri brings her dad’s San Francisco history up to the present with her own figurative language. These are really fresh and she’s very much in charge of a distinctive style.

Paul Winstanley, Jesus is Coming II, 2012, at 1301PE

Paul Winstanley is a realist who paints richer than real. His mournful scenes make for years of investigation. This one is especially rich. 

Barbara Kasten, Construct PC VI, 1982, at Gallery Luisotti

Barbara Kasten takes us back to the Russian Constructivists by way of a spaceport. This work from the early ’80s is just flat out beautiful. She holds a camera like she’s wielding a paint brush. 

Monique Van Genderen, untitled, 2012, at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

It’s a tough challenge making an abstract painting after all the chapters of AbEx. Monique Van Genderen avoids reminding us of everything that’s gone before her. This one can hang with the big guys. 

Richard Hawkins, Rainbow Room: Farmer’s Tan, 2013, at Richard Telles

Richard Hawkins has been polishing his act for decades. Here he brings it all together in a striking painting. Hang this one on a big white wall. It cries out to be the center of attention. 

Nathan Mabry, Icky-bana (Standing Woman III/Oiseau-tête), 2012, at PRAZ-DELAVALLADE

Nathan Mabry walks that difficult line between the classically obvious and the oddly curious. This commanding figure makes a distinctive statement. It’s hard to look important without being derivative. This piece seems to execute that trick. 

Sterling Ruby, BC (4700), 2013, at Foxy Production

Sterling Ruby has built a prodigious reputation by working in an endless range of mediums. This fairly recent work seems to be born from his experience with them all. It’s surprising to find it here instead of hanging in a very good collection. 

Jon Rafman, Havlíčkovo nábřeží, Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2013, at Zach Feuer

If the mystery in a photo gives it the ability to remain interesting this one is good for the ages. Jon Rafman designs a frame like a great painter. This photo bears a long look.

Salomón Huerta, Champion, 2013, at Christopher Grimes Gallery 

Salomón has a wonderful history of revealing people and places from a uniquely obverse point of view. This time he goes front and center with a powerful display of his prodigious skills.

Alexis SmithThe Man Nobody No’s, 1985, at Honor Fraser

Alexis Smith is the Queen of Collage, and this delicate work from the rich mid-80s is a treasure. It’s surprising to see it available and would be a coup to own.

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Cliff & Mandy Einstein