colette lumiere
Jan 15, 2014 2:14PM

current exhibition; Metaphysical Portraits& other experiment s of Laboratoire Lumiere " @ Undercurrent NYC.February 18 to March 23 .


1.installation shot of entrance

2. tableau. -incubation booth -( photo edition)

3. one of the metaphysical portraits ]

for more current & past info:

 art works photographs  paintings- large scale sculptures are in the collection  MOMA.GUGGENHEIM- BROOKLYN MUSEUM.-MOCA LA. LUDWIG MUSEUM  KOLN,etc..( endless kunstvereins in Germany- Newport Harbor museum- LA.Aldrich Museum. Connecticut .

art  work has  been exhibited at Moma. Guggenheim, Whitney Museum, Grey Art Gallery, Montreal museum des Beaux Arts. Palais Tokio Paris, Musee of modern art  Lausanne, Houston Museum o f Cont.Art.  etc well as major galleries internationally since the seventies .



colette lumiere