COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN 2019 | The Exhibitor List is Complete

Cologne Fine Art & Design
Oct 17, 2019 2:07PM

Courtesy of Cologne Fine Art & Design 2019.

In its anniversary year, COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN is starting with an exquisite list of exhibitors. Under the direction of Daniel Hug, it has been possible to acquire 15 new exhibitors for the small and fine COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN. A total of 95 dealers from Germany and abroad will present an inspiring mixture of art, crafts and design from early times to the modern period. This year, COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN is taking place for the 50th time (20 to 24 November 2019).

Among the new names in the ranks of renowned dealers of antiques and crafts are Sebastian Jacobi (D), Mischo van Kollenburg (NL), Elmar Robert (D), Herwig Simons (BE), Viebahn Fine Arts (D) and Floris van Wanroij (NL). Brenske Gallery (D), Oberacker Frühes Porzellan (D), Dr. Tilman Roatzsch (D), Kunsthandel Dr. Thomas Schmitz-Avila (D) and von Zezschwitz/Weller (D) will once again be in Cologne with their outstanding assortments.

A stronger commitment on the part of dealers with design of the 20th century closes an important gap at the art fair. Important protagonists are Ulrich Fiedler (D), who specialises in Bauhaus design, as well as the Galerie Vivid (NL), with its focus on the De Stijl movement. Here is where the offering of mid-century design dealers joins seamlessly, including ED Gallery (I), Galerie formformsuche (D), Martin Glanz (D), Guelfucci (D), Kaune Contemporary (D) and Markanto (D).

Important dealers are returning to the art fair with modern and postwar art, including Galerie Berinson (D), Galeria Cortina (Spain), Derda Berlin (D) and Galerie Schlichtenmaier (D). They join the list of important dealers of recent years, which includes, among others, Klaus Benden (D), Galerie Boisseree (D), Dierking - Galerie am Paradeplatz (CH), Galerie Francaise (D), Gilden's Art (GB), Kunsthandel Hagemeier (D), Galerie Koch (D), Galerie Maulberger (D), Kunsthandlung Osper (D), Thole Rotermund (D), Samuelis Baumgarte (D), Galerie Schwarzer (D), Stern Pissarro (GB), The Trinity House (GB), Galerie Utermann (D), von Vertes (CH) and Willow Gallery (GB).

Courtesy of Cologne Fine Art & Design 2019.

COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN is focusing in particular on non-European art and design. Hans Martin Schmitz (D), not only an exhibitor right from the start, but also having participated in every fair of the last 50 years, will be returning as usual. African tribal art is represented by Martin Doustar (BE), Patrick & Odine Mestdagh (BE), David Serra - Fine Tribal Art (ES) and Simonis (D). Galerie Kommoss (D) and Ruetz & Kotobuki (D) will also be exhibiting in Cologne.

Among the highlights in the contemporary section are new exhibitors like Sakhile&Me (D) and THK Gallery (SA). The South African gallery presents contemporary African art. Brutto Gusto (D) is bringing ceramic works that perfectly complement the offering of returnees like Choi &Lager (D), Kaune Contemporary (D), Andre Kirbach (D), Kunst & Denker (D) and Mühlfeld & Stohrer (D).

As in previous years, COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN will take place on level 2 of hall 11. The layout of the stands will this year be defined by widened blocks and three main axes running from left to right. The first corridor (A) will contain antiques and historical design. Corridor B will bundle modern and postwar art and design in the middle. Corridor C will focus on contemporary art and design.

Courtesy of Cologne Fine Art & Design 2019.

The exhibitors of COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN 2019:


Galerie Albrecht, Berlin

Galerie Judith Andreae, Bonn


Galerie Balbach, Münster

JB Finearts, Hamburg

Galerie Albert Baumgarten, Freiburg

Galerie Klaus Benden, Cologne

Galerie Berinson, Berlin

Bermel von Luxburg Gallery, Berlin

Martin Bohn + Partner, Cologne

Galerie Boisserée, Cologne

Graphisches Antiquariat u. Kunsthandel H.-G. Braun, Wuppertal

Brenske Gallery, Munich

Brutto Gusto, Berlin

Kunsthaus Bühler, Stuttgart


Galerie Alessandro Casciaro, Bozen

CHOI&LAGER Gallery, Cologne

Commeter / Persiehl & Heine, Hamburg

Traute Conrad, Asperg

Galeria Cortina, Barcelona


Derda Berlin

Dierking, Galerie am Paradeplatz, Zurich

Martin Doustar, Brussels


ED Gallery, Piacenza

Galerie Am Elisengarten, Aachen

Ennik Fine Art, Erlenbach


Galerie Ulrich Fiedler, Berlin

Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne

Galerie Française, Munich

Antique & Art Sabine Füchter, Munich


Gilden's Arts Gallery, London

Martin Glanz Mobiliar, Cologne

Guelfucci Gallery, Berlin


Galerie Hafenrichter, Nuremberg

Kunsthandel Hagemeier, Frankfurt

Gerald Hartinger Fine Arts, Vienna

Kunsthandel | Henneken, Bad Iburg

Galerie Heinz Holtmann, Cologne


Kaune Contemporary, Cologne

Galerie Kellermann, Düsseldorf

Kunsthaus Kende, Tübingen

André Kirbach Kunsthandel, Düsseldorf

Galerie Koch, Hanover

Kollenburg Antiquairs, Oirschot

Galerie Kommoss, Berlin

Kunst & Denker Contemporary, Düsseldorf

Kunstkontor Dr. Doris Möllers , Münster


Galerie Ulf Larsson, Cologne

Antiquariat Hans Lindner, Mainburg

Galerie Ludorff, Düsseldorf

Galerie Luzán, Berlin


Markanto, Cologne

Galerie Maulberger, Munich, Westerland

MDZ ART Gallery, Knokke

meinweiss Home Sebastian Jacobi, Bad Ems

Patrick & Ondine Mestdagh, Brussels

Galerie Mühlfeld & Stohrer, Frankfurt


Dr. Michael Nöth Internationaler Kunsthandel, Ansbach

Kunsthaus Nüdling, Fulda


Oberacker Frühes Porzellan, Bad Iburg

Osper, Cologne

Galerie Ostendorff, Münster


Dr. Tilman Roatzsch Kunsthandel, Schnaitsee


Thole Rotermund Kunsthandel, Hamburg

Rotes Antiquariat Christian Bartsch, Berlin

Galerie Rudolf, Kampen

Ruetz & Kotobuki, Le Cabinet Japonais, Munich


Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie, Munich

Sakhile&Me, Frankfurt

Galerie Schlichtenmaier, Grafenau

Hans-Martin Schmitz, Alte Kunst aus Japan und China, Cologne

Kunsthandel Dr. Thomas Schmitz-Avila, Bad Breisig

Galerie Schwarzer, Düsseldorf

seewald GbR, Saskia and Brigitte Seewald, Berlin

David Serra- Fine Tribal Art, La Floresta

SETAREH Gallery, Düsseldorf

sgr a Jörg Jung, Cologne

Galerie Simonis, Düsseldorf

Herwig Simons Fine Arts, Brussels

Stern Pissarro Gallery, London

Sina Stockebrand Kunsthandel, Veltheim

Galerie Franz Swetec, Düsseldorf


The old Treasury, Kerkrade

THK Gallery, Cape Town

Trinity House Paintings, London, UK and, New York


Malte Uekermann Kunsthandel, Berlin

Galerie Utermann, Dortmund


Viebahn-Kunsthandel, Worpswede

Galerie VIVID, Rotterdam

Galerie von Vertes, Zurich


Floris van Wanroij, Dommelen

von Zezschwitz / Weller, Düsseldorf

Willow Gallery, London

Cologne Fine Art & Design