Contemporary Istanbul 2014
Oct 1, 2014 1:48PM

CI EDITIONS – A platform for the production, mediation and sale of art editions

CI Editions is CI’s new initiative and business to share and promote various formats and conceptual dimensions of art editions and multiples. Through a greater distribution of limited editions, it reflects an alternative to a wider audience and new groups of art lovers. Besides this, CI once again distinguishes itself by consequently creating a valuable asset for new collectors.

CI-Editions goes beyond the traditional idea of printed editions. It understands editions as limited works of art in the field of printing (etching, lithography, silk screen print, digital print etc.), artist books, photography, video, sculpture/ object, neon, and sound on vinyl or other media.


PLUGIN – The awaited second edition of the media section

For the second year running, the New Media Section of CI, Plugin will be showcasing the best in digital art and design in the 1,000 m2 area. It focuses on as many examples as possible of the wide array of genres that make up the digital art and design scene: sound and light installations, video art, interactive and generative design, indoor mapping projects, robotic designs and more. With the Plugin section, CI takes an avant-garde position by fast-forwarding visitors to the future. Plugin will return this year with an even more varied content with galleries such as AKINCI, DAM GALLERY, Karima Celestin, URAStudio, Yellow Peril Gallery, institutions; Sedition and Kasa and artists; Zimoun, Simon Heijdens.


NEW HORIZONS – A section will be hosting China as the guest country of 2014

New Horizons is a section of CI that focuses on the contemporary art from a selected geographic region. In 2014, the 9th edition of Contemporary Istanbul will put a spotlight on China. In recent decades, China has participated with expanding and growing success in the contemporary art scene worldwide. The 9th edition will focus on hosting galleries such as Island6 and Shun Art Gallery, artists and collectors from China and will be presented at the Istanbul Congress Centre part of the fair. “Now You See” exhibition through the eyes of the collector Dr. Michael I. Jacobs, who has been collecting Chinese video art in depth since 2010, will be shown at CI 2014.


CI DIALOGUES - Discovering the essence of The Other Art

Contemporary Istanbul’s talk series CI Dialogues will create a platform for constructive debates around today’s and tomorrow’s art world. CI Dialogues will gather international art professionals, artists and collectors at the fair. The program will complement the second year of Plug-In IstanbulandNew Horizonssection.

Linked to the main theme: “The Other Art: Alternatives. Choices. Options”, the program will develop matters such as “How to collect the Future?”, “The Power of Non-Profit Organizations and Associations”, “The Fair of Tomorrow” and many others.

The main participant speakers are Robin Woodhead, Chairman of Sotheby’s International, Lauré D’Hauteville, Art Beirut Founder & Fair Director, Emilio Alvatre, Loop Art Fair Director, Lauré Raibut, Manager of Chinese Contemporary Art at Christie Auction House Hong Kong.


CI 90 MINUTE SHOWS – the latest curated exhibition of CI

Curated by Dr. Marcus Graf, CI will have a new exciting side exhibition.

CI 90 Minute Shows is CI’s new ambitious site-specific exhibition project, whereby every 90 minutes a solo show by a visual artists will be assembled, opened, celebrated, mediated, discussed, recorded and again dismantled in order to clear the space for the next artist. This project constitutes an experimental platform for alternative artistic and curatorial practices. In a shipping container-like space of 50 m2, 20 artists will primarily present time and site specific installations, as well as process-oriented works during the four days of the fair. Mehmet Ali Uysal from Pi Artworks, Erinç Seymen from Rampa, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar from Pg Art Gallery, Orhan Cem Çetin from Sanatorium, Buğra Erol from Daire Sanat, Ansen from x-ist, Fırat Engin from Arton Istanbul, Ali Emir Tapan from Galerist, Irfan Önürmen from C24 Gallery, Özlem Günyol & Mustafa Kunt from Dirimart will be the participant artists.



Contemporary Istanbul 2014