CI Dialogues

Contemporary Istanbul
Oct 23, 2013 10:10AM

The three - day conference program of the fair, CI Dialogues 2013 will be themed around new technologies, new media and art. The program will focus on the discussions around the influence of the new technologies on artistic production, the new ways of collecting and the art market. New media collectors Isabelle & Jean-Conrad Lemaître; director of a web based art market platform, Anders Petterson; founding director of the new media fair Unpainted, Annette Doms and the director of Sedition, Rory Blair are a few names who will participate the forums. Sofia based curator Lara Boubnova and the executive director of ‎Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Vasili Tsereteli will discuss the art from Russia as part of the New Horizons program.

picture above: Georg Schölhammer

picture below: Eda Kehale Argun

Contemporary Istanbul