CONTEXT New York's 2017 Special Exhibitions

Apr 17, 2017 8:36PM

CONTEXT New York hosts a series of dynamic Special Exhibitions in 2017. For the most updated information, please visit the official CONTEXT New York website.  



The exhibition “Inside/Out” features paintings, drawings and sculpture depicting interiors and exteriors. From literal landscapes and aspirational places to domestic scenes and interiors of the mind, the works in “Inside/Out” encompass both literal and psychological spaces. The works in “Inside/Out” are by alumni of the New York Academy of Art, a graduate school that combines intensive technical training in the service of vital contemporary art.  


“The 99%: United We Stand” by Jason Myers  

Presented by Long-Sharp Gallery  

The 99%: United We Stand is an installation of 99 intimately scaled portraits by artist Jason Myers.  Each portrait portrays a faceless, nameless member of the 99% -- each unknown to most except the IRS and the NSA.   All are asked to place their faith in God and .GOV while the 1% make the decisions that impact their daily lives.  But, when viewed together, the 99% is a powerful force to be respected and heard.  



A solidarity art installation touching the refugee crisis by Amarist Studio, Barcelona. A deconstruction of a border wall, presenting hundreds of fragments of the original razor wire, plated in 24K Gold and packaged in plastic cases as supermarket produce. All proceeds to go to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.  


“All Proceeds” By Pablo Helguera  

All Proceeds is a series of conceptual works by artist Pablo Helguera (Mexico City, 1971). The works in All Proceeds function precisely as a series of paintings that exist in the conventional economy of the art fair but nonetheless openly declaring the way in which their potential sale will result in benefiting a particular cause. Each piece in All Proceeds overtly declares that the entirety of the funds directed toward the sale of each individual art work will be donated directly to a particular organization that serves a cause that is important to the artist.  



Presented by Gary Lichtenstein Editions to Benefit the Perry J. Cohen Foundation  

A series of beautiful limited edition silkscreen prints entitled “ROCKERS” featuring some of Bob Gruen’s most iconic images have been produced in partnership with Gary Lichtenstein Editions (GLE). In addition, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Jason Newsted debuts his first major international exhibition of his contemporary art entitled “RAWK”. Fifty percent of proceeds from the exhibit will generously be donated to the Perry J. Cohen Foundation by GLE. Both artists will be on-hand for a special symposium on Saturday, May 6th.  


Tone Pictures: Our Year of Dissent  

By Ted Riederer  

An audio-visual poem by artist Ted Riederer that is an attempt to capture the persistent echoes of our time: My Father with Dementia Trying to Remember, The Heartbeats of My Lover on the Eve of our Marriage, The Sound of Trains at Midnight, The Protests on April 15th, 2017. Since 2010, he has traveled the world with his conceptual art project Never Records. Riederer has recorded and cut to vinyl over 500 performances in 7 cities around the world. Never Records continues to grow while remaining faithful to its original objective: to create community across social, political, and religious division.  


"Untitled/Water Glass"  

By Terry Berkowitz  

Do you see your glass as half full or half empty? Not only is this rhetorical question a way of gauging a person's optimistic or pessimistic interpretation of reality, it also gauges their worldview. The rightward shift we have witnessed globally in an ever-increasing manner over the past few decades has culminated in the current political environment. At this point in time, the query seems moot. What we are being fed as the truth is not true; be our glass half full or half empty, there is nothing in it for us. Basically, either one is the same: empty.  



By Richard Garet  

Open consists of fields of color, kinetic rendered lines breaking free onto vertical, angular and rectangular configurations, and permutations in progressive manner in which the work not only suggests an opening on the center of each imagery, but also from field to field and opening to opening, the work finds its own momentum and voice. The work explores the suggestive and poetic notion of crossing over through an opening onto the unknown.Open is successful in creating perceptual responses while also establishing an abstract narrative that takes the viewer to a realm of imaginative outcomes. From one’s own personal bridge between what’s internal in response to the external,Open invites one to become the protagonist, the content, and the mirror of oneself confronting the unknown. Subsequently setting up an arena for psychological responses that reveal itself in the immersive experience the work.