Our Highlights from Design Miami/ Basel 2014

Jun 9, 2014 8:59PM

Design Miami/ Basel is a continued source of inspiration and innovation, as well as an opportunity to look at the roots of design objects that we’ve come to love. We chose our selections, most of which were crafted in 2014, based on their unique approach to material, method, or emotional potency. Each piece offers an impressive view of design’s impact on a space and an individual.

Our Selection:

Rowan MershPlacuna Phoenix 2014, 2014, at Gallery FUMI

"Placuna Phoenix 2014", 2014
Gallery FUMI

This mixed media sculptor has mastered textural works born from organic materials. With oyster shells as his source for this piece, he crafts a mesmerizing artwork that appeals to many senses and begs to be touched.

Porky HeferFallen Bird’s Nest, 2014, at Southern Guild

Fallen Bird's Nest, 2014
Southern Guild

We actually had an opportunity to sit atop this piece and found that the South African designer crafted something as comfortable as it is conceptually interesting.

Hans J. WegnerSwivel chair, 1955, at Dansk Møbelkunst Gallery

Swivel chair, 1955
Dansk Møbelkunst Gallery

While this piece was recently reissued, the original work from 1955 had an undeniable impact on desk chairs as it chose casters over legs in an update to the Dutch designer’s most notable design.

Juan Sebastián BrunoIllusion low table, 2014, at YMER&MALTA

Illusion low table, 2014

This Mexican-born, Buenos Aires-residing artist and graphic designer delivers a vibrant table that aims to deliver an emotionally charged potency. He succeeds by way of playing upon and modifying symmetry.

Kim Sang HoonPhenomena 2014-012, 2014, at Gallery SEOMI

Phenomena 2014-012, 2014
SEOMI International

This latest addition to the New York-based artist’s critically acclaimed designs moves his visionary, yet functional work even further. Layer upon layer of birch and luxteel colored steel rest horizontally atop one another, defining a solid piece that breathes life through the illusion of motion.

Kueng CaputoNever Too Much Bench 10, 2013, at Salon 94

Never Too Much Bench 10, 2013
Salon 94

The Swiss-born design duo of Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo splatter color in an engaging fashion, creating both an unusual texture and a visually arresting yet functional bench.

Studio JobDetour: Floor Lamp, 2014, at Mitterrand+Cramer

The luxuriant opulence in this Antwerp/The Netherlands-based design team’s lamp serves a purpose beyond beauty. There’s a nod to the high craftsmanship of the past but with a thoroughly modernized edge.

Danful YangPacking me softly, 2014, at Pearl Lam Galleries

Packing me softly, 2014
Pearl Lam Galleries

Entirely playful, and a pure demonstration of her talent, the Chinese artist has hand embroidered a faux package on canvas. It’s exciting modern sculpture and every piece in the series is unique.

Brynjar SigurdarsonDining Table, 2013, at Galerie kreo

Dining Table, 2013
Galerie kreo

One of our favorite emerging product designers, Sigurdarson blends traditional and modern materials—not to mention feathers and pelts—into nuanced works of functional magnificence.

Caretaker Lamp, 2014
Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Atelier Van Lieshout works across art, design and even architecture. This amalgamation of interests and inspirations begets truly unique pieces—this one included, which matches organic shapes with sound structure.