Cosmoscow 2018: Other Russian Exhibitors

Jul 23, 2018 9:12PM

Image courtesy of Artist and Lumiere Brothers Gallery

Among other Cosmoscow 2018 participants are the following galleries: Triangle Gallery displaying works of Valery Chtak and Kirill Lebedev; Voronezh-based HLAM Gallery with works by Kirill Savelyev and Ivan Gorshkov. Winner of Cosmoscow 2017 special Best Stand Prize, Fragment Gallery, will display works by Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov and Alexey Martins.

The 11.12 Gallery will show works by Alexey Alpatov and Rinat Voligamsi. Taking to consideration the fact that Voligamsi’s solo exhibition Dvoegorsk took place at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art this winter, 11.12 Gallery stand will provide Cosmoscow guests with a chance to purchase museum quality art works.  

The Lazy Mike multifunctional project will pair works by a Russian artist (Nikolay Koshelev) and a German artist (Daniel Lergon).

For their Cosmoscow 2018 stand Osnova Gallery, a young and dynamic Moscow art space founded in 2014, has chosen works by two artists. One of them is Ian Ginsburg, whose first gallery show The Mechanical Beetle was held at the Osnova in December-February. The second artist is Henning Strassburger. Each of them in their own way deconstructs and interprets artistic techniques of the 20th century, exploring their influence on contemporary artistic thought.