Cosmoscow 2018: New Projects

Jul 25, 2018 4:31PM

Image courtesy of Cosmoscow

Stand of pop/off/art, one of the leading members of the Moscow art scene, will feature brand new projects by Vladimir Potapov and Alexander Plusnin. In his new painting series, Potapov works with a mixture of motifs of habitual reality and bright, iridescent material surfaces. The strict monochrome aesthetics of Alexander Plusnin constitutes a contrast to the works of Potapov. Both artists can be named among the leaders of the local art scene of their generation.

Brand new works by Russian artists Gregori Maiofis and Dimitri Tsykalov will be showcased at the stand of the St. Petersburg-based Marina Gisich Gallery. The gallery will bring to Moscow large-scale works from the latest series of Maiofis based on Hollywood production photos made with the participation of professional actors. One of the main topics of the series is virtual reality. Dimitri Tsykalov will be represented with world maps made of wooden ammunition boxes.