La Gioia - Through the eyes of three Italian collectors

Maison Particulière
Sep 23, 2014 9:38AM

Love life, appreciate it in all that it brings us of miraculous, unexpected, of good and beautiful, of enthusiasm and discovery, big or small enjoyment, to know how to taste, recognize, feel, perceive.

A work of art calls on to the senses, to the sensual delight and to the enjoyment. Such is the theme of our 12th art exhibit at Maison Particulière. We invited three Italian, enthusiastic and generous collectors, who with a great spontaneity "played" the game for us: choose at the same time works of their collection and suggested an invited artist, Flavio Favelli. All join in what brings us together, the inner joy we get from a work of art: of the first glance laid on it to the day to day living with it.

Anna Rosa and Giovanni Cotroneo, Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo and the founders of the AGI Verona Collection share for us their love(s) through an impressive choice of works of art essentially Italian. By reporting the poetics and the esthetics of the daily objects, in the pleasure which they can get us at any given moment in our life, Flavio Favelli is artist's wonderful choice to accompany La Gioia.

Finally, Italy rhymes with Cinema, and Marcel Croës imagined what would be the ideal library of the Italian, known or less known movies, and will propose them to us in daily projections in a room of Maison Particulière transformed for the opportunity into a cinema lounge. 

List of artists

Mario Airò; Giorgio Andreotta Calò; Stefano Arienti; Vanessa Beecroft; Gianni Berengo Gardin; Antonio Biasiucci; Gianni Caravaggio; Vincenzo Castella; Lucien Clergue; Enrico David; Giovanni De Lazzari; Gabriele De Santis; Rä di Martino; Bruna Esposito; Flavio Favelli; Michael Fliri; Franco Fontana; Giuseppe Gabellone; Andrea Galvani; Alberto Garutti; Anna Gaskell; Mario Giacomelli; Damien Hirst; Marc Hosking; Mimmo Jodice; Karen Knorr; Gabriel Kuri; Sarah Lucas; Eva Marisaldi; Hugo Markl; Jacopo Mazzonelli; Sabrina Mezzaqui; Ivan Mikhailov; Valentina Miorandi; Tracey Moffatt; Paolo Mussat Sartor; Luigi Ontani; Gabriel Orozco; Giulio Paolini; Martin Parr; Beatrice Pediconi; Vettor Pisani; Paola Pivi; Luca Pozzi; Tobias Rehberger; Sara Rossi; Thomas Ruff; Ferdinando Scianna; Rudolf Stingel; Luca Trevisani; Paolo Ventura; Francesco Vezzoli; Luca Vitone; Andro Wekua, ...

Practical Information:

From Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am - 6 pm

10€, free for members and students (-26)

Maison Particulière art center

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B1050 Brussels


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