Maison Particulière
Dec 17, 2014 2:52PM

To be fascinated by a person, an object or an idea. To be dominated by demanding, sometimes uncontrollable, disturbing and poisonous thoughts.

An obsession is intrusive, disturbing, it can lead to carry out ritual and compulsive gestures. Collecting often means to dedicate oneself to a hardly curable habit; on the other hand, the act of creation frequently calls to be dominated by thoughts.

Obsession, 13th art exhibit of Maison Particulière, will definitely not be neutral. Its main interest will remain in the “folie raisonnante” with which artists and collectors daily live.

While choosing works from his sculptural and pictorial oeuvre that fascinate us, Gérard Garouste also imagined his ideal collection – from Marcel Broodthaers to Thierry de Cordier, to only quote the Belgian artists – providing this way an overview of his sensibility, and allowing us an insight into his mind.

The invited collectors along with Gérard Garouste assume their obsessions. They’ve looked in their collection for artworks that show their own obsessions or the recurring characteristics of certain artists that might demonstrate a certain kind of mania.

Two literary guests take part in this art exhibition: François de Coninck, whose gift for writing and sensibility delight us; and François Rachline, because his erudition and friendship with Gérard Garouste seem essential to us in order to unravel the mysteries that surround his work.

List of artists:

Arman; Ophélie Asch; Vanessa Beecroft; Valérie Belin; Hans Bellmer; Ben; Alvin Booth; Michaël Borremans; Sergei Bratkov; Marcel Broodthaers; André Butzer; Sophie Calle; Sandro Chia; Francesco Clemente; John Coplans; Johan Creten; Giorgio de Chirico; Thierry De Cordier; Wim Delvoye; Nathalie Djurberg; Lionel Estève; Jan Fabre; Laura Ford; Michel François; Elizabeth Garouste; Gérard Garouste; Jean Hélion; Jitish Kallat; Kcho; Rachel Kneebone; Zenita Komad; Abdoulaye Konate; Karine Laval; Tony Marsh; Jonathan Meese; Ritsue Mishima; Benjamin Moravec; Barbara Nanning; Helmut Newton; Navid Nuur; Sigmar Polke; Nicolas Provost; Tal R; Arnulf Rainer; Neo Rauch; Gerhard Richter; François Rouan; Michal Rovner; Sterling Ruby; Benjamin Sabatier; Takayuki Sakiyama; Chiharu Shiota; Shouchiku Tanabe; Guido van der Werve; Levi van Veluw; Claude Viallat; Akiyama Yo; Yue Minjun.

Maison Particulière