"Entropia" by cristian montesinos

Oct 26, 2014 12:19PM

In a limited process such as product design, where values like production and ergonomics respond to pre-established norms and are reproducible to infinity, “Entropía” emerges as a radical proposal that enables us to rethink the relationship between the product and the user.

“Entropía” allows the user to acquire pieces that respond to their needs: chairs, tables, stools, etc., that feature a basic and reliable design. This renounces a superficial approach to the finish, and instead opts for a succession of overlain colours, applied until every piece achieves the appropriate texture. Using this technique, the product can be anticipated but the final result cannot be predicted exactly.

Entropy comes from the Greek ἐντροπία, and it means evolution or transformation; it can be defined as a physical magnitude to measure chaos in thermodynamic systems.