Vicente Peris' Shadow as Witness

Mar 31, 2018 8:11AM

New to the city of Angeles, Vicente Peris recently found an artistic home in this city’s own historic core. Away from his hometown in Valencia, he is currently witnessing a resurfacing of mindful aesthetic desires, a new shift has emerged, a new interest, and a new perspective. Currently fascinated by the population of a city constantly in flux, a perpetual motion, and unique restless desire accompanies the vast observations of Peris in this transformative space.

Peris has held numerous exhibitions in Europe, Mexico, and South America; with prominent solo shows in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico. Yet the fresh eyes by which he witnesses this city, are reflected in his new body of work. Constantly transforming shadows, playing with them, manipulating them, questioning them, and confronting them; allowing Peris to explore a vast number of realities, which currently occupy his aesthetic production.

Shadow as Witness marks Peris’ 1st ever exhibition in the city of Los Angeles, alongside him, artist from all over the world converge in this aesthetic space to question what happens after chiaroscuro? How do Shadows emerge? What happens inside the Shadows? How are those realities different than our own?

The centerpiece of the exhibition Sombra Liberada (Liberated Shadow), showcases Peris’ more recent aesthetic queries, created as of late last year. Inside this Calderesque mobile installation meant to surround and envelope the viewer, a largely yet playful group of individuals sliced in motion and rendered in acetate invites the public to join and play.

Intimately shifting the reality of observed time yet permitting the viewer to occupy the space of the work itself; allow for an engagement friendly conceptual distortion of space and time. Which is the current core of Peris’ practice, as he believes that contemporary art is vastly preoccupied with the market and a series of other larger and exterior concerns that allow artists to forget that what matters at the end of the day is the truth. The simple reality of time, and all its intricate glory.

Vicente Peris
La Sombra Liberada, 2017

Vicente Peris alongside Lino Martinez will speak about their aesthetic practices (conversation in Spanish) on April 7th.

The exhibition Shadow as Witness is comprised of the works of Alana Medina, Kelly Brumfield-Woods, Juan Logan, Sharon Barnes, Stephanie Pryor, Lino Martinez, Alice Emmons, Edgar Kim, Stuart Fingerhut, Esteban Patiño and Shabnam Yousefian.

CuratorLove's exhition Shadow as Witness is located at 560 S Main St (7th floor), in the historic core of Downtown Los Angeles. Gallery hours are Friday & Satuday from 12-5pm or by appointment. Exhibition on view until April 20, 2018.  

Learn more about the exhibition at CuratoLove.