Richard T. Walker at Galería CURRO

Aug 3, 2018 5:01PM

Curated by the artist, curator and educator Julio César Moralez, MORE/THAN/THIS represents Richard T. Walker ́s unique outsider perspective of the American West landscape. Questioning what it is to exist and be human within this vast space, he uses the grandeur of nature as an expression of the sublime. In the video an is that isn't always, the artist records himself speaking and playing musical compositions to the surrounding environment, in an attempt to counter its geographical and historical distance.

Presenting archaic forms of music technology, such as 1980s Casio keyboards, cassette players and one-string electric guitars, the exhibition at Galería CURRO juxtaposes these and other instruments as static forms of sculpture interacting with images of mountains and rocks from the Texas, Arizona and California deserts. The installation materially recreates the artist ́s own experience of isolation into the wild.

As Richard T. Walker’s very first solo show in Mexico, MORE/THAN/THIS is a complex multi-layered work that includes video, sound, neon, photography and sculpture that together create a harmonious sound and vision spectacle.