SHIMIZU Keiichi: a master piece

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Oct 24, 2016 7:52PM

Weekly Highlight: SHIMIZU Keiichi

    Did you say Tamba? One of the Six Old Kilns that revolutionized firing technology in the 17th century, the Tamba kilns specialize in large storage jars. 

The feeling of Shimizu's work is like the spring breeze that blows through this ancient land: his swift graceful line, his sensitive ashes flowing on textured clay, his expressive shadows, his white clay highlight line-every detail is carefully and expertly attended. 
Each vessel has its own unique geometry, a distinct composition of sweeping angles and lines that come together exceptionally. Shimizu combines this inherent geometry with the feel of nature, utilizing soft earthen colors and curving organic lines. This marriage of the geometric and the organic speaks to the contemporary nature of Shimizu's work.A fourth generation potter, Shimizu carries his family torch to a new level. He begins with rich mountain clay, adding in Kyoto clay as he works. He builds up his vessels with slabs rather then throwing them on a wheel so that he can achieve these distinctive clean, sharp forms. The finish effect comes from his use of both gas and wood kilns, which together produce a rich, earthy surface. Shimizu uses white clay to highlight certain aspects of his work, creating another dimension for the viewer to enjoy.Shimizu's courage and vision have won him many awards, including the Grand Prize of Hyogo and the Award of Excellence in Tanabe Museum Cha-no-yu Show.

Bravo Shimizu San!

SHIMIZU Keiichi 清水圭一

Vase, 花の器

H18.25" x W8.2" x D6.7"

Signed: Kei 圭 at Bottom

With Signed Wood Box

Vase 花の器
Dai Ichi Arts
Dai Ichi Arts