August 12, 2014: Kara Walker’s Installation on Google Streetview and LACMA to Honor Quentin Tarantino and Barbara Kruger at November Gala

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Aug 12, 2014 8:17PM


“Hypothesis for an Exhibition,” featuring works by Richard Aldrich, Harold Ancart, Sebastian Black, Kerstin Brätsch, Guyton Walker, KAYA, Charles Mayton, Giulio Paolini, Seth Price, Josh Smith, R. H. Quaytman, Antek Walczak, and Viola Yeşiltaç, closes at Dominique Lévy Gallery on Friday, August 15th.

Today’s Notable News

LACMA announced that Quentin Tarantino and Barbara Kruger will be honorees at this year’s Art + Film gala in November.

Carlo Massoud will create a second installation of his Arab Dolls, Maya, Zenia, Racha and Yara, for the Beirut Art Fair in September. The installation will feature 60 dolls wearing black veils in 15 symmetrical rows, to comment on the traditions and perceptions of the garment worn by Muslim and Arab women.  

The Victoria & Albert Museum saved a Napoleonic cabinet from exportation from the United Kingdom after a successful fundraising campaign to purchase it for the museum’s permanent campaign.

Even though it has closed, Kara Walker’s exhibition “A Subtlety” at the Domino Sugar Factory can still be viewed via Streetview as part of The Google Art Project.

Best of Instagram

Via @rainerjudd: “Life for me began here, on the family farm 44 years ago, 1970. Learned to plow, sow the oats, and wonder to the Moon and back. Thank you to the phenomenal guides, rascals, loves, amigos and all the crazy mad amounts of Love along the way. I’m one lucky New York City/Texas Woman.”

Good Reads

A Japanese Artist Launches Plants Into Space” A story on Makoto Azuma’s “Exobiotanica” series that put a bonsai tree and a floral arrangement into space. (via T Magazine)

Marfa’s Art World Gentrification Is Pushing Out Long-Time Residents” (via Hyperallergic)

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Daily Digest: Top Art News