August 18, 2014: National Gallery Lifts Cell Phone Photo Ban, Confessions of an Art Forger, and Caillebotte’s Birthday

Daily Digest: Top Art News
Aug 18, 2014 9:17PM

Notable News

Phaidon Books owner Leon Black, who was the reputed purchaser behind the record-breaking sale of Edvard Munch’s The Scream and also bought Artspace recently for an undisclosed amount, has purchased the Koedler & Company Gallery’s former location on East 70th Street. (via ArtNews)

A German panel has determined that a painting by Max Liebermann found in collector Cornelius Gurlitt’s famed art trove had been stolen by Nazis during World War II and should now be returned to the heirs of the original owners. (via Wall Street Journal)

London’s National Gallery lifted its ban on cell phone photography as it continues to encourage social media activity between the museum and the public. (via Telegraph)

Good Reads

Examining the habit of collectors ‘flipping’ paintings, or turning them over quickly, a practice that has grown surprisingly less common in recent years. (via The New York Times)

An interview with Dominique Nabokov on the work of Garry Winogrand, in light of the photographer’s new retrospective exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (via New York Review of Books)

Can art help to bring peace to Sudan? (via The Guardian)

On art forger Mark Landis, who is the subject of a new documentary, Art and Craft. More than 100 fakes by Landis have been featured in collections of 46 museums over the last 30 years. (via Art in America)

Best of Instagram

A moment from yesterday’s brilliant #JamesLeeByars “Mile-Long Paper Walk” @themuseumofmodernart 

Artist of the Day

Gustave Caillebotte was born on this day in 1948. As one of the original trail-blazing Impressionists, Caillebotte is best known for his paintings of 19th-century urban life in Paris. Rejecting academic conventions of glorifying Classical and European historical subject matter, he favored Realist tendencies of portraying the everyday and working-class life using somber tones and depthful perspectives.

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Daily Digest: Top Art News