August 26, 2014: Demolition Begins on Graffiti Icon 5 Pointz, Forgeries Drive Research in Chinese Antique Market, Curator Sam Hunter dies at 91

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Aug 26, 2014 9:00PM

Today’s Notable News

Demolition has begun on the graffiti haven 5 Pointz in Queens despite outcry from the street artist community—including Banksy—who have campaigned to save the warehouse since plans for retail and residential development were announced last fall. (via Wall Street Journal)  

The increase of forgeries in the Chinese antique market has driven a boom in research and interest in catalogues for exhibitions and auctions of Chinese arts and antiques. (via The Art Newspaper)

Curator and founder of the Rose Museum at Brandeis, Sam Hunter, dies at 91. (via The New York Times)

NASA is studying Japanese origami in hopes of designing compact solar panels for space travel. (via Hyperallergic)

A floating library will dock at New York City’s Pier 25 from September 6 through October 3, 2014. The project, envisioned by artist Beatrice Glow, was created in response to the dwindling number of public areas where residents can relax and read. It will also include sound and art installations and an outdoor reading lounge. (via Architizer)

Best of Instagram

Via @serpentineuk: “Dusk at Smiljan Radic’s pavilion by architectural photographer @clickclickjim #smiljanradic”

Good Reads

Made in L.A.’s Mohn Awards Winners a Varied, Creative Lot” (via L.A. Times)

These Sculptures of Giant Tomatoes are Ripe for the Picking”: Artist Jessica Rath examines what traits humans find desirable in the grocery store’s produce section. (via Smithsonian Magazine)

How the Forgotten Brother of a Famous Typographer Helped Save the London Underground” (via FastCo Design)

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Daily Digest: Top Art News