August 8, 2014: Sotheby’s Profits Soar, Street Art Street Signs, and David Novros’ Birthday

Daily Digest: Top Art News
Aug 8, 2014 9:01PM

Notable News

Sotheby’s reported a 24% increase in auction sales totaling $2.7 billion, with sales bolstered by a continually increasing art market demand in London and Hong Kong. (via CNN)

Ryan McGinnessart-infused street signs, which have been up around Manhattan for a few weeks after being installed via the Department of Transportation, have prompted varied reactions, one of the more popular of which seems to be theft. (via The Wall Street Journal)

Miami’s Perez Art Museum has received a $1 million grant to be allocated towards improving cultural and artistic education and support for children. (via Miami Today)

In collaboration with artist Cory Arcangel, Rhizome will host a web surfing competition on Sunday at Rockaway beach. (via Rhizome)

Robert H. Ellsworth, one of the most prolific American dealers of Asian art, has died at age 85. (via The New York Times)

Good Reads

Berlin gallerist Johann Koenig shares some art market wisdom and discusses his opinion on the relevance of social media in art sales. (via Bast)

On the Neue Galerie Museum’s new exhibition, “Degenerate Art: The Attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany, 1937,” and the continued historical relevance of its theme. (via Hyperallergic)

Artists Laura Aldridge and Lee Maida interview one another and discuss the relationship between artistic materials and the emotional impact of artworks. (via BOMB)

Best of Instagram

Via @daniel_arsham: “James Turrell at LACMA. This work can change your life.”

Artist of the Day

David Novros celebrates his 73rd birthday today. Known for large abstract paintings on unconventionally-shaped canvases, Novros was a member of New York art collective Park Place in the 1960s with Mark di Suvero and Edwin Ruda. His stylistic influence is evident in artists from Brice Marden to Peter Halley.

Daily Digest: Top Art News