December 18, 2014: First Female Chair of The National Gallery in London, L.A. Art Heist Partially Resolved, and an Open Call for Readers to Participate in Guggenheim Exhibition

Kate Haveles
Dec 18, 2014 6:42PM


In New York … Angelo Filomeno: The House of Magic Affection” opens at Galerie Lelong; Assaf Shaham opens at Yossi Milo Gallery; “Daniel Arango vs. Kevin Arnold: Faith as Model” opens at Able Fine Art; “A Tangled Web” opens at Causey Contemporary; “Julia Hechtman: Suddenly Everything Has Changed” opens at CUE Art Foundation; “The Memphis Group” opens at Koenig & Clinton.

In Paris … Patrick Saytour opens at Galerie Bernard Ceysson.

In Berlin … Kaspar Müller: Treasures of Memory” opens at Société; “Jeroen Jacobs: Reibung” opens at Sommer & Kohl.

In Los Angeles … Andy Moses & Peter Frank in conversation at William Turner Gallery, 6 p.m.


In London … Marie Jacotey: Dolly” closes at Hannah Barry Gallery; “Gregor Gleiwitz: Predator” closes at HUS Gallery; “Americans in Paris” closes at Hanina Fine Arts.

In Los Angeles … Michel Auder / Józef Robakowski: Street Life” closes at Fahrenheit; “Michelle Jane Lee: ANONYMOUS” closes at Garboushian Gallery.

Today’s Notable News

Writer and filmmaker Hannah Rothschild has been appointed as chair of The National Gallery in London, the first woman to head the museum in its history. She has served on its board since 2009. (via Artforum)

Nine artworks (out of a total of twelve) stolen in 2008 from a private residence and valued at $10 million were recovered in an undercover operation by the LAPD and FBI. A total of 12 works were originally taken from the home of a collector, including paintings by Marc Chagall and Diego Rivera. (via The LA Times)

Also in California, the glittering LED light installation on the San Francisco Bay Bridge, “Bay Lights,” will become a permanent fixture on the historic bridge, thanks to a successful $4 million fundraising campaign. Installed in 2013, the project was conceived and created by non-profit group Illuminate the Arts and artist Leo Villareal. (via The New York Times)

Best of Instagram

Via @hammer_museum: “#tbt to #MadeinLA this past summer. This morning we announced the curators for Made in L.A. 2016: Hamza Walker of @rensoc and our own @amoshayedi!”

Study of Ferguson Police, Aug. 13, 2014 (Detail No.4), 2014
Petzel Gallery

Artist of the Day

German expressionist, and friend and colleague of yesterday’s birthday star Kandinsky, Paul Klee was born on this day in 1879. Klee collaborated with Kandinsky and others at the Bauhaus, creating work that would have a lasting effect on modernism in the 20th century; his color theory was also influential for later abstract expressionists. Inspired by children’s art, Klee’s work often contains absurdist and humorous elements. 

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