June 4, 2015: The Frick Gives In, Saves Garden & Boston Public Library President Resigns Over Missing Art


In New York ...

opens at Foxy Production; Cybèle Young opens at Forum Gallery; “: The City Is A Garden” opens at 303 Gallery; Olaf Breuning opens at Metro Pictures; opens at Mitchell-Innes & Nash; Françoise Grossen opens at Blum & Poe; “: The People of Town N” opens at Julie Saul Gallery; “: Archives of Eden” opens at Senior & Shopmaker Gallery; “Sally Davies: New York at Night, Large–Scale Photographs” opens at Bernarducci.Meisel Gallery; Andrew Forge opens at Betty Cuningham Gallery; “Darrell Nettles: Broken Verse” opens at 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel; “: Intrusion” opens at Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery.

In London ...

80s Kid by Paul Oz” opens at Imitate Modern; Djamel Tatah opens at Ben Brown Fine Arts; “, , : D13088” opens at Sprovieri; Galeries Bartoux celebrates the opening of its new London space.

In Paris ...

In Berlin ...

: Permanent Loan Selection II,” “: House with Fifteen Keys,” and “Szymon Brodziak: One” open at Helmut Newton Foundation; “Cristina Fiorenza: I cannot see you coming from anywhere from miles around” opens at Galerie Villa Köppe.

Today’s Notable News

Yielding to several months of protest, the Frick will not proceed with its planned renovation, which would have destroyed a garden on the institution’s campus. The museum’s board votes formally on the issue today, and is expected to instead embark on a brand-new round of garden-friendly planning, which it hopes to complete by the end of this year. (via the New York Times)

On the heels of recent news that two pieces were discovered to be missing from the Boston Public Library’s collection, the library’s president, Amy E. Ryan, has resigned. Ryan, who will take her leave on July 3rd, had lately been the subject of criticism, as the city’s mayor’s office questioned how the loss could have remained unnoticed for close to a year. (via The Boston Globe)

Arkansas’s Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art has acquired several major works: ’s Flag (1983), which will go on view on June 13th in anticipation of Flag Day, and four pieces by , which advance the institution’s aim of including more works by women in its collection. (via the New York Times)

Construction material from the original San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge will be put toward public artworks. Artists who wish to participate must apply with project ideas that make some reference to the bridge, and applications will be judged over a period of two years. Selected artists will receive the raw steel to work with. (via Reuters)

This fall, ’s work will be exhibited in a church for the first time. England’s Sheffield Cathedral will become home to Cyber Iconic Man (1999), a figure hanging upside down from a shelf and dripping fake blood into a bucket. Churchgoers are surprisingly okay with the display, which is part of Going Public, Sheffield’s program to put privately owned pieces by international artists on public display in the city. The series will also feature artworks by , , and . (via The Art Newspaper)

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Via @publicartfund: “#MasksRockCenter has been extended! See @’s colossal work @rockcenternyc through June 24 👥. #publicart #thomashouseago 📷 @bethanywong”

Via @lawrence_fine_art: “Great new photography ‘Day 205’ by Alex Nero. We will be showing Alex’s work at the upcoming Art Hamptons taking place July 4 weekend.”

Via @guggenheim: “Celebrate the opening of #Storylines: Contemporary Art at the Guggenheim with us tomorrow night at our members’ opening party, June 5, 6:15-10 pm! Enjoy a private view, cash bar, and music playlists selected by exhibition artists @ and .”

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