March 13, 2015: Russia’s State Hermitage Museum Plans Contemporary Outpost in Moscow & Late Postmodern Architect Michael Graves Remembered

Daily Digest: Top Art News
Mar 13, 2015 9:46PM


In New York … Laurie Simmons: How We See,” “Walead Beshty, Sarah Crowner, Abraham Cruzvillegas, N. Dash, John Houck, Koo Jeong-A, Kris Martin, Amalia Pica, Hank Willis Thomas: Repetition and Difference,” and “Masterpieces & Curiosities: Nicole Eisenman’s Seder” open at the Jewish Museum; “Becoming Another: The Power of Masks” opens at Rubin Museum of Art; “Buddhist Sculpture of the 13th and 14th Centuries” opens at Dickinson Roundell, Inc.; “Matt Freedman and Tim Spelios: Once Upon a Broken Time” opens at STUDIO10; “From This Life to Eternity: Chinese Art Treasures” opens at Gagosian Gallery; “Joseph Beuys: Multiples, from the Schlegel Collection” opens at Mitchell-Innes & Nash; “1,305 Millas: Atemporal,” a group exhibition of works by Cuban artists, opens at Magnan Metz Gallery; “Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian: Infinite Possibility: Mirror Works and Drawings” opens at the Guggenheim Museum; “Elodie Delaigle, Martin Hyde, Emilie Pischedda: Sticks and Stones” opens at helper; “Zhu Di, Zhang Guojun, Jared FitzGerald and more: The Good Earth” opens at FitzGerald Fine Arts.

In Los Angeles … “Curtis Weaver: Deviant Dwellers” opens at Garboushian Gallery; “Where Ends Meet: A Retrospective of Works by Nancy Ravenhall Johnson” opens at Bowers Museum.

In London … David Bray: Wrong Turn” and “Pixel Pancho: Memory of our Life” open at StolenSpace gallery; “Pete Hawkins: I See You” opens at Lazarides Rathbone; “Callum Innes” opens at Frith Street Gallery; “Patrick Coyle: It said” accompanied by performances by the artist opens at Andor Gallery starting at 12:30 p.m.; “Lauren Elder: Blue Pacific” opens at ROD BARTON; “Albert Serra: Singularity,” a preview event including an artist talk and a performance by Jordi Valls / Vagina Dentata Organ, takes place at Tate Modern, 6:30–9:00 p.m.; “Moussa Sarr: Works from the Marc Fassiaty Collection” opens at Cecilia Brunson Projects; “The Cipher and the Frame: opens at CUBITT Gallery; “Domingo Milella” opens at Grimaldi Gavin; “Norbert Delman: illegal personal contact with an opponent” opens at Maria Stenfors; “Jens Wolf” opens at Ronchini Gallery.

In Paris … “Richard Fauguet: Bivalve & Monocouche” opens at Galerie Art: Concept; “Simon Boudvin: APPAREILS” opens at Galerie Jean Brolly; “Open Source: Art at the Eclipse of Capitalism” opens at Galerie Max Hetzler; “Anarchive: Anarchive, Affinités / Diversités,” including works by Masaki Fujihata, Peter Campus, Muntadas, Nam June Paik, Jean Otth, Fujiko Nakaya, Thierry Kuntzel, Michael Snow opens at mfc – michèle didier.

In Amsterdam … “Erikka Nissinen: God or Terror or Retro Dog” and “A Modest Proposal for Radical Bourgeoisie” open at De Hallen Haarlem.

In Berlin … Yuki Kimura” opens at Mathew | Berlin; “Sebastian Biskup” opens at ROCKELMANN &; “Veronika Holcová: Paintings” opens at Galerie Albrecht; “Nikita Schmitz, Christoph Mügge” opens at Galerie Gerken; “Aleana Egan: light on a leaf” opens at Konrad Fischer Galerie | Berlin; “Eva Berendes” opens at Sommer & Kohl; “Angelika J. Trojnarski” opens at Galerie Tanja Wagner.

On Saturday, March 14th, “Daniel Harms, Ulrich Riedel, Yaşam Şaşmazer, Eda Soylu, Claudia Vitar Recharged Reality | Gruppenausstellung” opens at BERLIN ART PROJECTS; “Johannes Makolies, Anna Virnich, Romin Walter: About Blank II” opens at Galerie Gebr. Lehmann–Berlin; “Gavin Tremlett: We Need To Talk About Gavin” opens at Loock Galerie; “A Book of Burning Matches: Collecting Installation Art Documents” opens at me Collectors Room; “Wyatt Kahn” and “Jimmy Robert: It’s not’s Lamé” open at Tanya Leighton; “Sylvan Lionni: SWEET’N LOW” opens at Taubert Contemporary.

In Milan … “Margherita Chiarva: Chemigrams” opens at ProjectB.

On Saturday, March 14th, “Eddo Hartmann: Setting the Stage: Pyongyang, North Korea,” “Luc Delahaye, Danh Vo, Max Pinckers, Dayanita Singh, Zanele Muholi: Collection,” and “Cor Jaring: COR WAS HERE / The adventurous oeuvre of an Amsterdam photographer, 1936–2013” open at huis marseille museum voor fotografie; “jãnis AVOTIŅŠ, Adrian Melis: Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More” opens at Galerie Akinci; “Taocheng Wang: A home made travel MV series” and “Albert Goederond: Front Space: Haal die Nachtwacht maar vast weg, Wim…” open at Galerie Fons Welters.

In Hong Kong …Beatriz Milhazes” opens at White Cube; “Yoshitomo Nara: ‘stars’” opens at Pace Gallery.

On Saturday, March 14th, Art Central 2015 opens at Central Harbourfront.

On Sunday, March 15th, Art Basel in Hong Kong 2015 opens at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

Delicate Fragrance, 2013
FitzGerald Fine Arts
Beyond Mountains Series, 2013
FitzGerald Fine Arts
Deer 1, 2013
FitzGerald Fine Arts
Ratio 3
Liberum Arbitrium Hominus Mendacium Sine Libertate Donata Fortes Viros Optio II, 2014
StolenSpace Gallery
On Translation: The Bookstore, Produced and published in 2001
mfc - michèle didier
oT_Summerslam_2012_KOFI, 2014

Today’s Notable News

Los Angeles’s The Mistake Room has announced the respective recipients of its first ever $15,000 TMR International Artist Prize and $10,000 TMR LA Artist Prize: Simon Fujiwara and Samara Golden. (via ARTnews)

In May, Sotheby’s will host a series of auctions whose proceeds, predicted at $10 million, will go to LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), comprised of some 35 works donated by artists, including Barbara Kruger and Jeff Koons. (via ARTnews)

The State Hermitage Museum of St Petersburg has announced plans to launch an outpost in Moscow, which will concentrate in contemporary art, with construction to be completed by as early as 2018. (via The Art Newspaper)

French designer Mathieu Lehanneur will lead Chinese telecoms giant Huawei’s new Parisian design research center, as the brand aims to harness the city’s artistic prowess. (via Dezeen)

The Ford Family Foundation has given nearly $100,000 in acquisition funds to Oregon art institutions, including Willamette University’s Hallie Ford Museum of Art, which will put its received $20,815 toward acquiring a Mel Katz sculpture. (via Statesman Journal)

Julian Schnabel’s former wife and artistic inspiration Olatz Schnabel has gifted the artist’s 1997 painting Portrait of Olatz Schnabel to the NSU Art Museum in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (via ARTnews)

American postmodern architect and winner of the American Institute of Architects’ gold medal Michael Graves, who also designed products for Disney and Target, passed away yesterday at the age of 80. (via the New York Times)

Chicago conservation group Friends of the Parks has been given permission to continue its legal attempts to prohibit the building of George Lucas’s Lucas Museum for Narrative Art, ruled a local judge yesterday. (via The Observer)

Best of Instagram

Via @wallpapermag: “Inside the haunting splendour that is Alexander McQueen’s ‘Savage Beauty’ at London’s V&A. Take our tour at of the exhibition that opens tomorrow”

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Daily Digest: Top Art News