May 26, 2015: Artists Build Illegal Walls in Front of Basel Museums & Massive Turkish Political Banner Threatens Ancient Site

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May 26, 2015 10:32PM


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Portmanteau, 2015
Elliott Levenglick Gallery
Ray, 2015
Elliott Levenglick Gallery

Liu Xiaofang opens at MC2 Gallery.

Today’s Notable News

Last Friday, Jennifer Hardin unexpectedly resigned her post as chief curator of the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg. Hardin has been with the institution since 1995 and will officially make her departure on June 26th, following the opening of the museum’s largest-ever exhibition of its photography collection. (via Tampa Bay Times)

Marquette University’s Haggerty Museum of Art has named Susan Longhenry as its new director and the first woman to fill the post. Longhenry specializes in contemporary and modern art and has worked at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, as well as the Indianapolis Museum of Art. (via Journal Sentinel)

Last week, a slapdash brick wall was constructed in front of Basel’s Museum of Contemporary Art, barring the front door from entry. The museum will not press charges against the artist collective Atopie, who came forward as the creators of the “artwork.” Images on the group’s website showed that similar walls had also been constructed in front of both The Basel Museum of Architecture and a house-cum-exhibition-space from which the group was recently evicted. (via artnet News)

The reigning Turkish political party AKP has hung a massive campaign banner over a fourth-century Roman aqueduct in Istanbul; “outraged archeologists” have said the banner is causing harm to the heritage site. (via Art Daily)

The first contemporary and modern art walk in London opened to the British city this past Saturday. Called “The Line,” the three-mile path established as a non-profit public art project includes works by Damien Hirst, Sterling Ruby, and Gary Hume, and will replace its holdings on a one- or two-year cycle, depending on loan terms for each work. (via BLOUIN artinfo)


Social photographer Mary Ellen Mark has passed away at the age of 75. The artist’s work has been shown in institutions including the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the University of Pennsylvania, and last year she was granted George Eastman House’s Lifetime Achievement in Photography Award. (via

Best of Instagram

Via @vamuseum: “Referencing the multicultural influences that coexist in contemporary Mexico, the #MexicanPavilion is a flexible space made up of layers of reflective surfaces that can be adapted for various events and activities #LDF15”

Via @parkavearmory: “Philippe Parreno’s Marquees have begun to be hung in the Wade Thompson Drill Hall for #HnYPNyOSIS! Twenty five illuminated movie marquees will appear to float in midair and guide the viewers to five of Parreno’s films that activate and play at strategic moments.”

Via @publicartfund: “✨Mirror, mirror on the lawn... #PleaseTouchTheArt #JeppeHein @brooklynbridgepark #publicart 📷 @kelliehoneycutt”

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