November 12, 2014: Artsy Announces Robert Rauschenberg Emerging Curator Competition Finalists, Sotheby’s Auction Nearly Reaches $350 Million, and Perpetrators Behind a Substantial Art Heist at a Turkish Museum Revealed

Daily Digest: Top Art News
Nov 12, 2014 11:23PM


In New York … Baptiste Caccia: 1 + 1 = 1” opens at Robert Blumenthal Gallery; this evening at 6 p.m. at the New York Academy of Art, artist, writer and critic Kara Rooney joins in conversation with curator Sue Scott to discuss women in the art world. 

In London … Michael Andrew Page – Count the Leaves In Vallombrosa” opens at Edel Assanti; “Marie Jacotey: Dolly” opens at Hannah Barry Gallery; Peder Balke opens at The National Gallery, London


In Los Angeles … Alexa Guariglia: Loop” closes at Moskowitz Gallery.

Today’s Notable News

The top four finalists in Artsy’s Robert Rauschenberg Emerging Curator Competition—chosen by John Elderfield, Branden W. Joseph, Shirin Neshat, Christopher Rauschenberg, and Sarah Roberts—have been announced. Vote for your favorite through comments, likes, and shares on social media, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google +, or post your favorite with #EmergingCurator. 

Sotheby’s auction yesterday, featuring nearly 80 artworks, fetched a total $343.7 million, with a 1953  Mark Rothko painting going for $45 million and Jasper John’s Flag (1983) going for $36 million. (via The LA Times) 

A Turkish newspaper has reported that a massive art heist conducted over the years of 2005–2009 at the State Art and Sculpture Museum in Ankara was carried out by museum staff, resulting in a $205 million loss for the museum. Over 300 objects were removed, replaced with replicas, and sold to private buyers. An anonymous antiques dealer called in the tip to the Turkish culture minister. (via Hyperallergic) 

The Stedelijk Museum will present a 12-month survey of Tino Sehgal’s work, with a different piece in the spotlight each month. The project is Beatrix Ruf’s first initiative as the newly-installed director of the museum. (via ARTnews)

A new New York City-based fair, The Drone Film Festival, will focus on film projects created using airborne technology. The fair is now accepting submissions, and is set to launch in February 2015. (via The Wall Street Journal) 

Best of Instagram

Via @pippyhouldsworthgallery: “Carrie Mae Weems’ current solo show ‘Color: Real and Imagined’ at @pippyhouldsworthgallery ends this Saturday. Don’t miss out! #art #photography #carriemaeweems #pippyhouldsworthgallery #coloredpeoplegrid” 

Good Reads

‘Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal’(via BBC)

Slashed and Hidden From Sight: The Strange Power of Curse Paintings(via Hyperallergic) 

Artist of the Day

Famed sculptor Auguste Rodin was born on this day in 1840. Known for his figurative works, Rodin created such masterpieces as The Thinker (1881-2) and The Kiss (ca. 1886); his sculptures are marked by their attention to detail and realism. 

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Daily Digest: Top Art News