Opening Tonight in New York

Daily Digest: Top Art News
Feb 5, 2015 12:58AM

Don’t leave home without our street-by-street guide to the exhibitions opening tonight in Chelsea, downtown, uptown, and Brooklyn.

In Manhattan… 


20th Street

“Don Kimes: Finding Memory: New Works,” “Carole Robb: Passionate Collisions,” and “Carol Brown Goldberg: Paintings: The Color of Time” open at Denise Bibro Fine Art

22nd Street

RT4, 2013
Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

Brian Alfred: It Takes a Million Years to Become Diamonds So Let’s…” opens at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

Tony Smith opens at Matthew Marks Gallery

23rd Street

Ellen de Meijer: Digital Divide” opens at UNIX Gallery

Marcia Kure: Grey” opens at Susan Inglett Gallery

Charles Ray opens at Matthew Marks Gallery

25th Street

“YunJung Lee: Considering Color” opens at Able Fine Art NY Gallery

Yujin Kang opens at Doosan Gallery

26th Street

Shop For Construction Materials. American Surveillance Antennae On The Hills, Kabul, 2010
Benrubi Gallery

Simon Norfolk: Stratographs” opens at Benrubi Gallery

“Jessica McGarry Bartlet: Perception of Initial Conditions” opens at First Street Gallery

“Nick Naber: CITYSCAPES / STRUCTURES” opens at OPUS Project Space (on the High Line)

Plums and Chinese Walnuts, after G.G., 2013
Robert Mann Gallery
Wild Raspberries, after G.G., 2013
Robert Mann Gallery

Paulette Tavormina: Bodegón” opens at Robert Mann Gallery

27th Street

“Talismans,” with works by Robert Berlind, Susanna Heller, John L. Moore, and Levent Tuncer, opens at The Painting Center

28th Street

“Sebastian Wahl: Psychedelic Gravy for the Receptive Mind” opens at Joseph Gross Gallery

“Susan Brownell: Island Views” opens at SOHO20

“Janet Bohman: Taking Flight: A Retrospective of Sculpted Linen Works” opens at Viridian Artists

Elise Ansel: Palimpsest” opens at Phoenix Gallery 

29th Street

Love at First Sight, ca. 1957
David Nolan Gallery

“The Confident Line,” with works by George Grosz, Wardell Milan, and Andy Warhol, opens at David Nolan Gallery


“18 Percent,” with works by Sarra Badel, Christopher Beckman, Sandra Chevrier, Douglas Cloninger, and Nick Farhi, among others, opens at Castor Gallery

“Daniel Peddle and Charles Shedden: In Trust We Trust” opens at NO ROMANCE galleries

Donna Huanca: Echo Implant” opens at Joe Sheftel Gallery 


Bea, 2014
Bernarducci.Meisel Gallery
Tatanka, 2014
Bernarducci.Meisel Gallery
Perfil XIV, 2013
Marlborough Gallery

“Paula Crown: The Sublime and the Center: Dimensions of Landscape” and “Portraits in Print,” with works by Francis Bacon, Chuck Close, Lucian Freud, David Hockney, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Manolo Valdés, open at Marlborough Gallery

In Brooklyn… 


“Viewpoints: National Artists Exhibition,” curated by Brooklyn Museum Curator Emerita Charlotta Kotik and with works by Mimi Oritsky and 17 other American women, opens at A.I.R. Gallery

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Daily Digest: Top Art News