Opening Tonight in New York

Daily Digest: Top Art News
Feb 25, 2015 12:00AM

Don’t leave home without our street-by-street guide to the exhibitions opening tonight in Chelsea, downtown, and uptown.

In Manhattan… 


19th Street

West Lake-South Mountain, 2013
Chambers Fine Art

Yan Shanchun: West Lake” opens at Chambers Fine Art

20th Street

Palermo: Works 1973-1976” opens at David Zwirner

“Atta Kwami: Kuduo” opens at Howard Scott Gallery

Peter Wayne Lewis: The Beautiful Brain” opens at Skoto Gallery

23rd Street

Jimmy Nelson opens at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

“de-FORMATIONS,” a group show featuring André Kertész’s “Distortions,” opens at Bruce Silverstein Gallery

Claire Fontaine: Stop Seeking Approval” opens at Metro Pictures

Tenth Avenue between 24th Street and 25th Street

Kodak Snow White Royal Bromide, expired March 1940, processed in 2010 (#2), 2010
Yossi Milo Gallery

Alison Rossiter: Paper Wait” opens at Yossi Milo Gallery

25th Street

Hadieh Shafie: Surfaced” opens at Leila Heller Gallery

“Cecilia Biagini: Abstract Rationale” opens at Praxis

“Soonja Kang, Aeri Sung: Modesty” opens at Able Fine Art

26th Street

38P, 2014
Pace Prints
48P, 2014
Pace Prints

Leonardo Drew opens at Pace Prints

“Mariam Ghani: Like Water from a Stone” and “Autumn Ahn: A Latent Period” open at RYAN LEE

Andrew Erdos: Invaluable” opens at Claire Oliver

Julia Chiang: Let Me In, Let Me Out” opens at B2OA

“Empire of the Senseless” opens at Friedman Benda

27th Street

Kevin Beasley opens at Casey Kaplan

28th Street

Semillas y carton [Seeds and cardboard], 1993
Cristin Tierney

Lala Abaddon: Fractal Realities” opens at Castor Gallery

“Far Out Isn't Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story” screens at The Drawing Center, 6 p.m.

“Lina Puerta: Traces” opens at Jack Geary Contemporary

“Eva Lake: Fashion Items” opens at frosch&portmann

“Souvenirs de Paris,” curated by Camille Morineau, opens at Peter Freeman

“Vandana Jain: And if the Devil is Six... ” opens at Station Independent Projects

Zachari Logan: Eunuch Tapestry 5” opens at Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art


Untitled (Wadi II), 2012
Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art LLC
From a Window out in Space, Home Rains on us, 2015
Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art LLC

No Such Place: Contemporary African Artists in America” opens at Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art

Tadaaki Kuwayama: Early Work, 1962-1975” opens at Barbara Mathes Gallery

Alex Da Corte: Die Hexe” opens at Luxembourg & Dayan

Martin Mull: Endgame” opens at Hirschl & Adler Modern

Xavier (Hood), 2006
Galerie Perrotin

Xavier Veilhan: Music” opens at Galerie Perrotin

“Tomoko Sawada: My Faces” and “Ken Kitano: our face - prayers” open at Pace/MacGill Gallery

Untitled 2, 2012
Susan Eley Fine Art

Korean Art Now” opens at Susan Eley Fine Art

“Double Visions” opens at EFA Project Space

“Brett Bigbee: Two Paintings” and “Lois Dodd: Recent Panel Paintings” open at Alexandre Gallery

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Daily Digest: Top Art News