Opening Tonight in New York


20th Street

David Shrigley opens at Anton Kern Gallery

Artists of the WPA” opens at Bill Hodges

Rebecca Salter: first light” opens at Howard Scott Gallery

Elena del Rivero: Letters from Home” opens at Josée Bienvenu Gallery

“Tiffany Chung: finding one’s shadow in ruins and rubble” opens at Tyler Rollins Fine Art

22nd Street

Nick Mauss and Ken Okiishi: Poetry as not, with singing,” part of the Artist Web Projects Series, launches at Dia, 6:30 p.m.

23rd Street

Jeppe Hein: All We Need Is Inside” opens at 303 Gallery

25th Street

Bo Joseph: Hiding in Plain Sight” opens at Sears-Peyton Gallery

26th Street

“Stephanie Hier: Here’s the Catch” and “Ron Ewert, Greg Ito, Josh Reames: Time Flies Like a Banana” open at Johannes Vogt Gallery

“Todd Pavlisko: I Love You” opens at Robert Miller Gallery

27th Street

“Sarah Litvintseva: Evergreen” opens at AC Institute

“James Mollison: Playground” opens at Aperture Gallery


Maia Cruz Palileo: Guavas and Ferns” and “Whitney Bedford: Night and Day” open at Taymour Grahne

Thomas Schütte opens at Peter Freeman

The Drawing Center hosts receptions for its spring exhibitions “Portraits from the École des Beaux-Arts Paris,” “Natalie Frank: The Brothers Grimm,” “Abdelkader Benchamma: Representation of Dark Matter,” and “Open Sessions 3”

Malcolm Morley opens at Sperone Westwater

“so different, so appealing” opens at frosch&portmann

“Collapsing Scenery: Metaphysical Cops” opens at D & F Contemporary

“Katherine Daniels: Material Abstractions” opens at Station Independent Projects


Jessica Eaton: Custom Colour” opens at Higher Pictures

“Outdoor Visions” opens at National Academy Museum & School

Prospect Heights

Kehinde Wiley gives a multimedia talk on his exhibition “A New Republic” at the Brooklyn Museum, with a performance by DJ Spooky, 7 p.m.

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