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Daily Digest: Top Art News
Apr 9, 2015 4:00AM

Don’t leave home without our street-by-street guide to the exhibitions opening tonight in Chelsea, downtown, and uptown.


20th Street

Lucy Jones: How did you get on this canvas?” and “Jiro Osuga: The Theatre of The World” open at Flowers

Stalasso I, 2012
JanKossen Contemporary
Building Forest Landscape of contemporary people 14_7, 2015
JanKossen Contemporary
Building Forest Landscape of contemporary people 14_9, 2015
JanKossen Contemporary

The Fabrication of Worlds” opens at JanKossen Contemporary

“Pefura: Nos Voyages Immobiles” opens at Skoto Gallery

“Dusty Boynton: Recent Works” opens at Denise Bibro Fine Art

“Deborah G Nehmad: Wasted” opens at Kim Foster Gallery

25th Street

Vera Molnar: Regarding the Infinite” opens at Senior & Shopmaker Gallery

Bill Jensen opens at Cheim & Read

Robert Irwin: Cacophonous” opens at Pace Gallery

“Yong-il Park: He-story” opens at Able Fine Art NY Gallery

26th Street

“Martín Gutierrez: Can She Hear You” opens at RYAN LEE

“Livia Corona Benjamin: Manhattan Transfer” opens at Sgorbati Projects

“Vera Boele-Keimer: Making Ends Meet” opens at David Krut Projects

“Judith Henry: Hidden: Two Iterations” opens at BravinLee Programs

28th Street

Alois Kronschlaeger: Polychromatic Structures” opens at Cristin Tierney

Joseph Grazi: God Complex” opens at Joseph Gross Gallery

“Angela Christine Smith: Augmented Her: AFAIK;ATM” opens at Viridian Artists


Phil Wagner: It’s Been Too Long” opens at UNTITLED

Doug Cloninger: Mother Nature on the Run” opens at Castor Gallery

Johnston Foster, Dionisios Fragias, and Eamon O’Kane: Nobles & Savages,” in partnership with RARE Gallery, opens at La MaMa Galleria

“Delmas Howe: Guys and Canyons” opens at Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art


A Mad Woman, an Eternal Eve, a Monkey cheated leaped, from limb to limp in open air, curled a mischievous and bulbous melancholy in tail that sailed and with a single cough, a sudden drip, a curtain of bubbles, tears spilled to send land liquids, fertilizer, all fluid migrations leaking abroad and across, 2012
Jacob Lewis Gallery
Clouds Rest, 2007
Jason McCoy Gallery

In Situ” opens at Jason McCoy Gallery

Rina Banerjee: Tropical Urban” opens at Jacob Lewis Gallery

Hugh Scott-Douglas opens at Blum & Poe

“David Ligare: History” opens at Hirschl & Adler Modern

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Daily Digest: Top Art News