Opening Tonight in New York


20th Street

Lucy Jones: How did you get on this canvas?” and “Jiro Osuga: The Theatre of The World” open at Flowers

The Fabrication of Worlds” opens at JanKossen Contemporary

“Pefura: Nos Voyages Immobiles” opens at Skoto Gallery

“Dusty Boynton: Recent Works” opens at Denise Bibro Fine Art

“Deborah G Nehmad: Wasted” opens at Kim Foster Gallery

25th Street

Vera Molnar: Regarding the Infinite” opens at Senior & Shopmaker Gallery

Bill Jensen opens at Cheim & Read

Robert Irwin: Cacophonous” opens at Pace Gallery

“Yong-il Park: He-story” opens at Able Fine Art NY Gallery

26th Street

“Martín Gutierrez: Can She Hear You” opens at RYAN LEE

“Livia Corona Benjamin: Manhattan Transfer” opens at Sgorbati Projects

“Vera Boele-Keimer: Making Ends Meet” opens at David Krut Projects

“Judith Henry: Hidden: Two Iterations” opens at BravinLee Programs

28th Street

Alois Kronschlaeger: Polychromatic Structures” opens at Cristin Tierney

Joseph Grazi: God Complex” opens at Joseph Gross Gallery

“Angela Christine Smith: Augmented Her: AFAIK;ATM” opens at Viridian Artists


Untitled , 2012

Phil Wagner: It’s Been Too Long” opens at UNTITLED

Doug Cloninger: Mother Nature on the Run” opens at Castor Gallery

Johnston Foster, Dionisios Fragias, and Eamon O’Kane: Nobles & Savages,” in partnership with RARE Gallery, opens at La MaMa Galleria

“Delmas Howe: Guys and Canyons” opens at Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art


In Situ” opens at Jason McCoy Gallery

Rina Banerjee: Tropical Urban” opens at Jacob Lewis Gallery

Hugh Scott-Douglas opens at Blum & Poe

“David Ligare: History” opens at Hirschl & Adler Modern

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