Opening Tonight in New York

Orchard Street

Norfolk Street

“Japan Move,” a cultural exchange project between the U.S. and Japan featuring works by Yoshitomo Hirooka, Zuiho Sakamoto, and Hosen Nakamura, opens at Site/109

13th Street

Kate Manheim, Anthony Ballard, and “: #FFFF (Five Fragments For Feature),” open at White Columns

16th Street

Four exhibitions, featuring Andres Galeano and , and The Studio Chronicles open at RH Contemporary Art

20th Street

22nd Street

“Dancing With Dystopia” opens at Allan Stone Projects

23rd Street

: Glue Drawings” opens at Bruce Silverstein Gallery
“BODY | IMAGE,” with works by , , , , Maren Hassinger and , opens at Susan Inglett Gallery

25th Street

“Joseph Zito: The First Thirty Years, 1985-2015” opens at Lennon, Weinberg, Inc.

26th Street

New Dominion,” curated by Lauren Ross, and “Amy Boone-McCreesh: The Artificial Order of Things” open at Mixed Greens
“Between Two Worlds,” with works by , , , and Dani Tull, opens at Jacob Lewis Gallery
“Elmer Bischoff: Figurative Paintings from the 1960s” opens at George Adams Gallery

27th Street

28th Street

“Matthias Merdan: Silly Sculpture” opens at Viridian Artists

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