Opening Tonight in NYC


18th Street

: Rye Wonk” opens at Petzel Gallery

19th Street

: East of Eden” opens at David Zwirner

20th Street

John Giorno: SPACE FORGETS YOU” opens at Elizabeth Dee Gallery
opens at Bortolami
“Ralph Humphrey: Conveyance” opens at Garth Greenan Gallery

23rd Street

“Oh, The Places We Have Been: Rediscovering the Past” opens at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

24th Street

: The Drawing Room” opens at Marianne Boesky

25th Street

“Heehyun Lee: Daily Things” and “Misun Chun: Accompany” open at Able Fine Art NY Gallery

26th Street

: Across Five Decades” opens at Alexander Gray Associates
“Rose Wylie: Girl and Spiders” opens at Thomas Erben Gallery

27th Street

 opens at Casey Kaplan
“Julie Shiels: Ubiquitous Object, Ambiguous Things—Resisting Disappearance,” “Christine Mackey: Provisional,” and “Crichton Atkinson: Monologues for Orpheus” open at AC Institute

28th Street

“Kelly Savage: Pestering” SOHO20 Chelsea

29th Street

“Jason Metcalf: Hie to Kolob” opens at MARTOS GALLERY


 will discuss his work after a screening of the titular video in his exhibition “Escape Pod” at bitforms gallery, 7 p.m.

Zefrey Throwell: PLOTTING” and “Kalup Linzy: Art.Jobs.Lullabies” open at Garis & Hahn
“Patricia Voulgaris: Hidden in Plain Sight” opens at Baxter St.


“Marcus Leatherdale: Photographs,” “Alexandra Karram, Kristen Kay Thoen, and : Stainless Steel: Reflective Works in Three Dimensions,” and “: Pools of Paradise” open at Bernarducci.Meisel Gallery

: Silver Paintings” opens at Michael Werner
& open at Dickinson Roundell, Inc.
: CENSORED” opens at Francis M. Naumann Fine Art
“Daisy Youngblood: Ten Years: 2006–2015” opens at McKee Gallery


: Above the Clouds and Under the Radar” and “: One, Six, Twelve, Twenty” open at A.I.R Gallery


“Ben Bloomstein, Zach Bruder, Tristano di Robilant: OBJECT OF MAGIC” opens at MOIETY


“Group Exhibit: Long Story Short,” with works by Todd Bienvenu, Nicholas Borelli, , Hilary Doyle, Kenny Rivero, Halley Zien, opens at Brooklyn Art Space

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