September 30, 2014: Scientist Discovers Secret in Leonardo Painting, Guggenheim Plans Expansion, Man Spends Evening Locked in Empty Tate Britain

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Sep 30, 2014 8:48PM


In New York… Joyce J. Scott opens at Museum of Arts and Design.

Today’s Notable News

Using scanning technology, French scientist Pascal Cotte discovered that Lady with Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci was painted three times, the time first without the ermine. (via The Guardian)

The Guggenheim Museum announced it will be building a new space in New York to house its collection and staff. (via The Art Newspaper)

A homeless man was locked into the Tate Britain just before closing time, where he spent two hours inside the empty museum before getting let out by a security guard. (via The Huffington Post)

Japanese artist Ei Arakawa and his brother Tomoo will be serving soup made with vegetables from Fukushima, the area most impacted by the 2011 nuclear catastrophe, at Frieze London as a performance piece titled Does This Soup Taste Ambivalent? The vegetables have been approved by the Japanese Farmers Association, but the artists remark that the fear of radiation in the soup is part of the performance. (via The New York Observer)

China has blocked Instagram as a result of pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong. (via Hyperallergic)

Best of Instagram

Via @cb: “The current state of In Waves, a collaborative work by @rolumat, @studioag, and #PaulClipson”

Good Reads

Interview with Tate Modern artist Richard Tuttle” (via The Financial Times)

Strangely Sweet Mushroom Cloud Sculptures Challenge Our Relationship to Images of War” (via Huffington Post)

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